USGA U.S. Open at Haverford
June 10–16, 2013

The nearby Merion Golf Club will host the U.S. Open June 10-16 and the U.S.G.A. is using our campus to facilitate the event. Be sure to reference the Parking & Drop Off map when visiting campus.


Road Restrictions / Closures

These maps highlight area restrictions, detours, off-campus parking and road closures.

Parking Permits

Parking for Haverford College community members will be issued by Campus Safety.

Parking & Drop Off Map

This campus map highlights designated parking areas for College faculty and staff, HCA residents, Admission Office visitors and identifies areas of campus used by the USGA.

Spectator Information Guide

The official USGA U.S. Open information guide contains important details such as policies, security information, schedules, maps and more.

Computer rending of the Champions Pavilion

Computer rendering of the Champions Pavilion.

Event Details

Merion Golf Club
Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Visit, the official website of the 113th U.S. Open Championship for photos, a calendar of events and more.

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