Remember 1111

Campus Safety can be reached from campus phones at x1111.

Call from off campus or a cell phone at (610)896-1111 or press the red emergency button on any Blue Light Phone.

Haverford has experienced minimal problems to date with crime on campus. Life on any college campus, however, is subject to some of the same risks and problems as life elsewhere.

Many parents are concerned about the safety of their child on a college campus away from home. Haverford College understands that concern and accepts its responsibility to employ security measures to ensure that our students enjoy their years at Haverford as free as possible from any threats to their safety or well-being. Haverford College is dedicated to keeping the campus a secure and healthy place to live, work and study.

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Campus Safety is is open 24/7 throughout the year and is located in the Gardner Integrated Athletic Center (GIAC), adjacent to the Campus Center. View on Campus Map.

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Weather Updates

Call (610) 896-4299 for weather related updates or information in the event of an emergency.