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Upperclass Room Assignments: 2015 Spring Room Draw

The Spring Room Draw process starts at the beginning of March when the Guidelines and the Room Draw calendar are posted online. Hardcopies are available at the Residential Life Office (Chase Hall, suite 213). The Room Draw Calendar lists all deadlines, dates, times & locations of all Room Draw events.

Spring Room Draw Announcements & Updates







Top 10 Things About Spring Room Draw

  1. HAVERTIME DOES NOT APPLY: In order to make the Room Draw process go smoothly and in fairness to all, deadlines and dates are firm and start times prompt.
  2. BE ELIGIBLE: Clear up Library and financial obligations by 5pm, Friday, March 20.
  3. KNOW YOUR CLASS YEAR FOR PURPOSES OF ROOM DRAW! If not sure, check with Registrar’s Office or if not sure of PE Requirement completion, check with the Athletics Dept.
  4. HOUSING WILL HAPPEN: All eligible students who want campus housing and follow all the steps and meet all the deadlines will get housing in the fall - either via Spring Room Draw in April or via the Deferred Housing Assignment process in the summer.
  5. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: you, too, can have it! Read the Guidelines and follow the instructions, talk to people who've been through it, fill out the apps, meet the deadlines, sign up for the Rounds. Not sure of something? Ask the Residential Life Committee!
  6. BE PREPARED: Learn about the different housing options, think about what type of room you’d like to try for- AND have back up plans!
  7. PROXY UP: Not on campus or can't attend the necessary Room Draw events - currently studying abroad, off campus at a concert, or have another obligation? Name a proxy to act on your behalf!
  8. LEAVE NO FRIEND BEHIND: We're all in this together. Pull friends in, let friends know about open spaces, and think of many different housing options with your friends to make your housing work.
  9. RESPONSIBILITY: It's your responsibility to read the 2015 Spring Room Draw Guidelines in its entirety, understand, and abide by all policies and procedures in the Guidelines and the Honor Code.
  10. SIGNATURES: You may only sign your own name on all applications and forms

2015 Spring Room Draw Guidelines

All Spring Room Draw information is available for download as a PDF.
The Room Draw Calendar can be found on Page Two.

Special Applications

Ira de A. Reid House Online Form

Ira de A. Reid House Application

NOON, Monday, March 16

Cadbury House

Cadbury House Application

5:00 p.m., Monday, March 23

Community Housing

Community Housing Application

5:00 p.m., Monday, March 23

La Casa Hispanica

La Casa Hispanica Application

5:00 p.m., Monday, March 24

Spring Room Draw Online Forms

Naming a Proxy Online Form

Naming a Proxy Application

5:00 p.m., Friday, March 27

Proxy Confirmation Form Online Form

Proxy Confirmation Form Application

5:00 p.m., Friday, March 27

Smoke-Free Housing Online Form

Smoke-Free Housing Application

5:00 p.m., Friday, March 27

Hard Copy Forms

The following forms are available in hard copy only at the Office of Residential Life, Chase Hall, 2nd floor, Suite 213.

  • The Rounds Applications Available Mon., March 23.
    (Also available at the DC)
  • Room Trade Forms Available Mon., April 20
  • Deferred Housing Assignment Form Available Fri., April 17

Contact Contact
Email questions to the Residential Life Committee at Please contact Marianne (Smitty) Smith with questions of a confidential nature (610-896-1298 or

Facebook Residential Life Committee on Facebook: Join the "Spring Room Draw 2015 Event" and invite all of your non-senior friends so that everyone can ask questions and stay updated on Room Draw.