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Upperclass Room Assignments: Room Draw Overview

What is Room Draw?

Room Draw is the process by which returning students obtain their campus housing. It is a lottery based system based on class seniority. There are two Room Draws, one in the spring and one in December. In Spring Room Draw, returning students choose their housing for the upcoming academic year. The Mid-Year Room Draw is for students returning to campus in semester II from Study Abroad and Exchange Programs, from a leave, from off campus housing, or for upperclass students who are seeking to change their rooms for Semester II. First-year students are not eligible to participate in the Mid-Year Room Draw. The Office of Residential Life, under whose auspices the Room Draw is run, provides the Room Draw Guidelines and supplies, the applications and forms. Student Residential Life Committee members run the actual Room Draw processes and have a strong voice in housing and residential life decisions.

The Room Draw Guidelines establish the policy by which students both apply for and select housing. However, the Guidelines cannot cover every single circumstance that may arise regarding the room draw process. Working closely with the Residential Life Office, the Residential Life Committee plays an active role in all aspects of housing and residential life and reserves the right, by virtue of Students' Council appointment of the Co-Chairs, to adjudicate over such ambiguous cases in keeping with the letter and spirit of the rules as well as the Honor Code. The Residential Life Office and the Residential Life Committee strive to achieve decisions that are equitable and fair to the parties involved as well as the Haverford community. All decisions made are final and binding. All students participating in the Room Draw process acknowledge, by their signature on forms and applications, their responsibility to read, understand, and abide by all policies and procedures in the Room Draw Guidelines and the Honor Code.