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Haverford College
Office of Residential Life
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Residence Halls: Housing Options

Traditional - Singles & Doubles

Single: One room furnished for one person that is not part of a suite, apartment or group. Found in all dorms except HCA and Lloyd.
Double: One room furnished for two persons. Found in Barclay, Drinker, Yarnall, 710 College Ave., Cadbury House, and Leeds.


A group of single bedrooms configured around a shared common entry. The number of bedrooms per suite varies, ranging from two (2) to six (6) bedrooms. Some suites, also, include a common room; some suites, also, include a shared suite bathroom, and some suites include both, a common room and a shared suite bathroom. Suites can be found in Gummere, Lloyd, Leeds, and the North Dorms.

Floor Groups

A combination of rooms or apartments clustered together to provide contiguous housing for a group of students. Floor groups can be found in Drinker, HCA, Kim, and the North Dorms.


710 College Ave is a house located off campus and just down the road from the main campus. A group of eleven (11) students live in 9 single rooms and 1 double room.

Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing is located in Cadbury House, Ira de A. Reid House, & La Casa Hispanica.

Community Housing

Students may apply for potential community housing in Yarnall or at HCA.

Bi-Co Dorm Exchange

The Bi-Co / Tri-Co relationship extends beyond the classroom with students having the option to live at one of the other campuses. This housing exchange option can only be offered if there is an even exchange of students between the Colleges and is based on the number of students who sign up in any given year. Students who participate in this housing exchange agree to live in this housing for the entire academic year.