Religion 215b
Spring 2002
Prof. Anne McGuire
610 896-1028 OH: T, Th 9:30-11:00 a.m. and by appt.



The Full Syllabus for This Course (available only within the Tri-College network) will be updated regularly. Be sure to check the site at least weekly for changes and updates, including new links and revisions to the assignments.

Course Description: This course focuses on critical reading and interpretation of the 13 New Testament letters attributed to the apostle Paul. The primary goals of the course are: 1) to become familiar with the language, argument, and theology of Paul's letters; 2) to develop the skills of critical analysis and interpretation through close reading, discussion, and frequent writing assignments; 3) to relate Paul and his letters to their original social settings, to the historical development of Christian theology, and to contemporary interpretive approaches.


A. A weekly 1-page single-spaced critical response paper on the primary text assigned for class, to be handed each Monday in class. Regular attendance, preparation of all reading assignments, and participation in class discussion (20%)

Each of these papers should focus on a particular verse, concept, or theme in the primary text assigned for class. You should offer a brief analysis of the material, focusing your remarks on the text and its language. Due in class every week except the week when the student is preparing a 5-page paper for class.

B. Two Short Papers (30%):

C. Two Research Papers (50%):


Click here for the fyll syllabus of readings (available only in Tri-college network).

Reserve Books for Rel. 215b, The Letters of Paul

Alfred Marshall, ed. The RSV Interlinear Greek-English New Testament. BS 1965 1970.

Wayne Meeks, The First Urban Christians. BR166. M44 1983.

C.K. Barrett, The Epistle to the Romans. B52665 .B18 1957a.

C. K. Barrett, The Second Epistle to the Corinthians. Canaday BS2675.3 B32 1973.

J. Bassler, Pauline Theology. Vols. 1 and 2. H Magill BS2651 .P284 1991 v. 1, v. 2

H.D. Betz, Galatians: A Commentary. B526853 B47

Daniel Boyarin, A Radical Jew: Paul & the Politics of Identity. H Magill BS2506 .B68 1994

Hans Conzelmann, 1 Corinthians: A Commentary. BS2675.3 C613.

Victor P. Furnish. The Theology Of The First Letter To The Corinthians H Magill BS192.2.A1 1964 .G3 v.32A

Richard B. Hays, Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul. B52655 .R32 1439 1989

Richard Horsley, ed. Paul and Politics : Ekklesia, Israel, Imperium, Interpretation : Essays in Honor of Krister Stendahl BS2655.P64 H67 2000 

Ernst Kasemann, Commentary on Romans. BS2665.3 K33 13.

Eduard Lohse, Colossians and Philemon. Canaday BS27153 L6413

Dale Martin. Salvation as Slavery. The Metaphor of Slavery in the Letters of Paul. B52665 .555 M37 1990.

Dale Martin. The Corinthian Body. Magill BS2675.6.B63 M37 1995

Alan Segal, Paul the Convert. BS2655 .J4 544 1990.

E.P. Sanders. Paul and Palestinian Judaism. Canaday BM535 .S24 1977.

E.P. Sanders. Paul: A Very Short Introduction.

James Tabor. Things Unutterable: Pau ‘s Ascent to Paradise. BS2675.2 T33 1986.

Peter J. Tomsen. Paul and the Jewish Law. B52655 .L35 T66 1990.

Antoinette C. Wire, The Corinthian Women Prophets: A Reconstruction through Paul’s Rhetoric. 1990. BS 2655 .W5 1990


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