The Registrar’s Office has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week online transcript ordering. You can request as many transcripts as you like during a session. The system provides the opportunity to upload documents that are required to be included with the transcript.

Students/alumni are now able to charge the fees to any major credit card. Your card will only be charged after your order has been completed. Order updates will be emailed to you. You can also track your order online using your email address and order number.

Detailed instructions will guide you through the ordering process. Your signed consent may be required to fulfill your transcript order. For your convenience, a consent form will be generated for your order that you can return via fax, mail or as a scanned email attachment to the Clearinghouse.

Once you've received your transcript, use the Explanation of Transcripts to answer the most common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly does official transcript mean?

    An official transcript is a document that contains the record of all the course work you did while a student at Haverford, including all grades. It also states your date of entrance, and if applicable, your date of graduation, your degree and major, and any college honors which you received. The document is official when it is certified with the Registrar's signature.

  • Can I request a transcript over the phone?

    No. By law, we must have the student's written consent to release a transcript.

  • What is the turnaround time for transcript requests?

    Transcripts are processed in the order in which they are received, usually within 24 hours. Turnaround time may increase during peak periods, especially the months of December, January, April and May.

  • Can you fax or e-mail my transcript to me or to another number/address that I give you?

    No. The Registrar's Office will not fax or e-mail transcripts under any circumstances.

  • Do you have a rush service?

    No. Transcripts are processed in the order in which they are received and are sent by U.S. mail.

  • Can I request an unofficial transcript for my own use?

    Only currently enrolled students have access to unofficial transcripts. Current students have the option of printing their unofficial transcript on-line. Graduates or students who have left the college must request official transcripts.

  • Can I have a transcript sent to myself?

    Yes. We will send transcripts to wherever you specify.

  • I've been asked to provide someone with a transcript in a sealed envelope. Can you do that?

    Yes. If you specifically request a transcript in a sealed envelope, we will send it to you that way. The Registrar's signature will cover the seal of the envelope to verify that the envelope was sealed in our office.

  • I studied abroad while at Haverford. Will those grades appear as part of my transcript?

    Grades for study abroad work do not appear on the official Haverford transcript; only the course titles and the amount of credit received appear. If you wish to have a photocopy of your study abroad transcript accompany your Haverford transcript, you may request this at no additional charge. Photocopies will only be provided for study abroad transcripts issued outside the United States. For example, if you studied abroad in Japan through Temple University's study abroad program, the transcript is issued by Temple University and therefore a photocopy cannot be provided. A photocopy of the study abroad transcript is not automatically sent unless you specifically request it when you request transcripts. Please keep in mind that we can only send a photocopy. Only the original school can release official copies, and the Haverford Registrar cannot certify transcript documents from other schools.

  • I submitted transcripts to Haverford for summer school or study away work in the U.S. for which I received Haverford credit on my transcript. Will you send copies of these transcripts, on which my grades appear, with my Haverford transcript?

    No. You must contact the other schools directly if you wish to obtain copies of these transcripts.

  • I did course work at Bryn Mawr and/or Swarthmore and/or the University of Pennsylvania during the regular academic year. Do I need to request transcripts from these schools as well as Haverford?

    No. Course work done during the regular academic year at any of the four cooperating institutions appears as a part of your Haverford transcript, including all grades received. However, this does not apply to summer work. If you did summer work at Bryn Mawr and/or the University of Pennsylvania and wish to receive transcripts with grades for that work, you must make the request to both Bryn Mawr and Penn directly.

  • What is the transcript fee at Haverford?

    Requesting via the National Student Clearinghouse as described above: College Fee: $5.00 and Clearinghouse Fee: $2.25, for a total of $7.25 per transcript.

    No charge if requesting for Study Abroad, Fellowships (as a current student and/or Alumnus), or Scholarships (as a current student). Students/Alumni in this category should not request via the Clearinghouse website, but should instead either request in person in the Office of the Registrar or if from afar, via US Mail directly to the Registrar. Should the requestor in any of these categories use the Clearinghouse Site irrespective of the fee, the $5.00 College Fee will be waived (if indicated by the requestor in Special Instructions), but under no circumstances can the $2.25 Clearinghouse Fee be waived.