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Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Resources: Facilities

The Psychology Department occupies the upper two floors of Sharpless Hall within the Koshland Integrated Natural Science Center (KINSC). It contains all faculty offices as well as a number of laboratories devoted to research in various sub-disciplines of psychology:

Lab work in Psychology
  • A Biological Psychology Laboratory with a teaching facility, an animal colony, rodent stereotaxic devices, a psychophysiological recording station for use with human subjects, and both pain and exercise testing equipment.
  • A Human Cognitive Neuroscience lab with a 40-channel Neuroscan EEG/ERP system for studying human psychophysiology.
  • A Social Psychology Laboratory with facilities for conducting observational research, computerized data collection, and experience-sampling methods using palmtop computers.
  • A Personality Lab with an interview room, a meeting space, and computers for data collection and analysis, including software for textual analysis of personal narratives and interview transcripts.
  • A Cognition Laboratory with a computer-controlled Midi keyboard and music synthesizer system, as well as audiovisual digitization and editing facilities.

In addition, there are several computer-equipped rooms to support students conducting their own independent research, senior thesis projects, or research for the laboratory-based courses in our curriculum. A student lounge, containing a small kitchenette and library, provides a space for meetings, small seminars, and faculty-student interaction.