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Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Psychology Department Jobs & Internships Email list

Periodically the faculty in the Psych Dept receive announcements for psych-related jobs, internships, summer programs, and research opportunities. In the past we have forwarded these announcements to all students in the department, but that wasn't ideal because (a) some students might not want to receive the postings, (b) some might want to receive the postings after they've graduated, and (c) some students who aren't declared Psychology majors (e.g., sophomores) might want to receive the postings.

To streamline the process we have created a list that you can subscribe to if you want to receive these announcements. Once you subscribe, you'll receive the postings until you unsubscribe. If you want to receive the postings, follow the instructions here:

It is recommended that you use your non-HC email address if you anticipate wanting to receive postings even after you graduate. If you are a new subscriber to the list, check out the archives to see if anything was posted recently.