i immediately knew what this part of my dream comes from. it's actually two things: the more direct association (but the less meaningful one, i think - the less profound to me) is to the recent knowledge i attained that Justin Hall was suffering from something similar to carpal tunnel syndrome (woah, i bet i made up that spelling). when i found that out, i was sadistically and shamefully somewhat tickled by the thought. what irony., i thought. to be maimed in the one area one needs so much. but it also meant that he couldn't do much more damage, at least for the time being. horrible, i know. but this is a dream. i'm allowed to be horrible, aren't i?

the second, more meaningful association is to a part in the movie "The Neverending Story". at one point (incidentally, i think that it is this moment which is pictured in the preceding link), the main characters envounter their old friend, the Rockbiter. already, the "nothing" has started to eat away at their world and the Rockbiter's friends were sucked into it. lamenting the fact that he was not able to save them, the Rockbiter stares at his hands, with quite possibly the most distraught visage ever to grace motion pictures, and says "they look like such big, strong hands, don't they?". one of the most profound moments of movie magic i have ever seen. hm.

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