i'm guessing that this is also from the conversation with the woman from Justin's high school. i asked her why people don't try to do something about his actions, if they are so angered and hurt by them. she said that most of the people involved figure that it would be counterproductive. any type of publicity - good or bad - would only make him more famous. it would make him even more certain that he is an important figure in modern culture. and that really pisses me off. because she's right. i have a feeling that his ego doesn't need to be inflated any more. in my frustration, i spoke with my brother about the situation. he agreed with me, and suggested that i do something about it if i felt strongly enough. i'm not sure i will, for the reasons mentioned above. it's really tempting, though. i'm so completely offended by most of the things on his many pages. he spreads personal information about his family and his friends with no regard to their feelings. perhaps it is because he does it all in the name of truth that he feels he is right. well, um. . . a suicide note on the net? secretly recorded conversations? i'm not so sure.

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