"Just because you look good, don't mean you feel good.
Folks always look good in their coffins."
- Elvis Presley, the true king...

So, this is my web page. It will prove to be an attempt to give y'all some idea about what makes me tick.

Who am i?
Michèle Amelia Bailey Muñoz, born December 7th, 1975 to Nancy Katherine Muñoz (maiden name Bailey) and Braulio Muñoz y Terrones. Proud sister to Kevin Amaru Bailey Muñoz. Co-owner of Dusty Muñoz (9 year old Cocka-poo), and the deceased Mugwood Woogwheel Leaflite Spunker Muñoz II (Schnoodle, departed at age 12). Currently a senior psychology major at Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

What do i do?
Act, sing, read, write, watch, listen, laugh, smile, eat, drink, run, play, work, learn, teach, love...

What do i wanna do?
I am currently looking for a job in psychology research, counseling, or law. My pipe dream is to get a great break in professional theatre, but we all know how easy that is. My long-term goal: Clinical Psychology or Research Psychology Graduate School. My ideal school: Penn. My dad went there for graduate school, maybe that's part of it. There is also the idea of Medical School (with the intention of becoming a Psychiatrist) or Law school. I'm still figuring out exactly what it is that would make me truly happy. I am looking forward to next year, whatever it may bring. Here's hoping for some great opportunities!

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By the way, I am supposed to let everyone know that the opinions expressed in my web page are not those of Haverford College.