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Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Concentrations & Minors

Neuroscience Minor

The desire to understand human and animal behavior in terms of nervous system structure and function is long standing. Historically, this task has been approached from a variety of disciplines including medicine, biology, psychology, philosophy and physiology. The field of neuroscience emerged as an interdisciplinary approach, combining techniques and perspectives from these disciplines as well as emerging fields such as computation and cognitive science to yield new insights into the workings of the nervous system and behavior. The minor in neuroscience is designed to allow students with any major to pursue interests in behavior and the nervous system across disciplines. Students should consult with any member of the advisory committee in order to declare the minor.

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Concentration in Education

The Bryn Mawr-Haverford Education Program invites students to study the discipline of education; explore the interdisciplinary field of educational studies; begin the path of teacher preparation for traditional classrooms; and participate in teaching experiences in a range of classroom and extra-classroom settings. Focused on teaching and learning as social, political, and cultural activities, the Education Program challenges students to explore the relationships among schooling, human development, and society as they gain knowledge and skills of educational theory and practice. Students who complete one of the Education Program options are prepared to become lifelong learners, educators, researchers, leaders and agents of change.

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Concentration in Gender and Sexuality Studies

The bi-college Program in Gender and Sexuality is an interdisciplinary program committed to the study of a range of questions raised by the category of gender. The program includes courses that investigate matters of gender difference, gender roles, gender socialization and gender bias, considered historically, materially, and cross-culturally, and courses that engage sexual difference, sexual roles, sexual socialization and sexual bias.

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