As part of the topic presentation, each student will turn in, during finals week, a 10 page paper (typed, double-spaced) on their topic.  The paper need not follow the exact format of the presentation, but must include the following elements: a description of the pain problem or treatment under question, what is known about its underlying physiological mechanism(s), a description of a case study of the problem that highlights the relevant features of the condition as exemplified by the case study, and must include the descriptions of at least three empirical studies that support points made in the paper.  Overall, the paper should be a coherent (if not comprehensive) treatment of the topic, a synthesis of what you have learned by consulting a variety of resources (books, empirical articles, review articles, web resources, etc.) pertaining to your topic.


Your paper should be written in a standard format, such as that prescribed by the American Psychological Association.  There is a “style manual” available for student use in the library, the Psychology student lounge (S402) and on the web: