Discussion Questions

How it works:
Once during the semester each student will be responsible for providing ~3-5 discussion questions pertaining to the readings for that week. Discussion questions are thoughts, clarifications, or questions you may have regarding a particular reading, an idea presented in a reading, or the readings as a whole, that help to promote dialogue during the class (i.e., it gives us stuff to talk about).

For the week you are responsible for questions, you must submit your questions to me via e-mail (ble@haverford.edu) by noon on the previous Sunday, unless otherwise noted. Questions received on time, and show thought, effort, and an understanding of the readings will receive full credit.

Given the number of students enrolled in the course, ~2 students will be writing questions for each week. After I receive questions from students (and combine or delete duplicate questions) I will post them on the course web page. They should be available by late-morning on Monday, given that they are submitted to me on time. All students should print out the discussion questions for that week, and bring them to class.

Questions for:
<<click on the week you want to see>>

Week 1-- NONE
Week 2-- Trina (for Wednesday's class)
Week 3-- Bill, Clair
Week 4-- Jamie, Jeff

Week 5-- Allison F., Rena
Week 6-- Gili, Alie L.
Week 7-- NONE; fall break
Week 8-- Marc, Alex
Week 9-- Danielle, Madeline
Week 10--
Amy, Fiona
Week 11--
David, Charlotte
Week 12 (Monday)--
Week 12 (Wednesday)
-- Singleness
Week 13 (Monday)-- Polygamy/Alternative relationships
Week 13 (Wednesday)-- NONE; Thanksgiving break
Week 14 (Monday)-- Break-up
Week 14 (Wednesday)-- Arranged marriage
Week 15 (Monday)-- Unrequited love/stalking
Week 15 (Wednesday)-- Humor in relationships

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