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Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Sample Senior Thesis Topics

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year

  • Cognitive Aging and Emotion Regulation. Emma Kornetsky, Sonia Vandenbark, Sophie Wasserman (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • Effect of Social Feedback Modality on ERP Measures of Performance Monitoring. Cara Kiefer, Elizabeth Metzker, Hannah Ryles (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • Predictors of Unwanted Pursuit Behaviors in Following Romantic Relationship Dissolution. Jessica Boyd & Rachal Torg (supervised by Benjamin Le)
  • Attachment Theory and Relationship Violence in Immigrant Populations. Sameep Thapa (supervised by Benjamin Le)
  • The Psychology of Teamwork: Group Dynamics, Cohesion, and Coaching. Sarah Hoffman (supervised by Benjamin Le)

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2011-2012 academic year

  • Neural Responses to Potential Racial Bias: An Expanded Weapons Identification Task. Emily Dix, Kijin Kim, Laura Ramos, Cassandra Vega (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • Power and Construal Level in Close Relationships. Lydia Emery, James Field, and Jonathan Williams (supervised by Benjamin Le)
  • Understanding Environmentalism and Conservation Behaviors: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Hypocrisy. Scott Cohen, Lydie Costes, Lydia Emery, Julia Hofheimer, & Kenneth Volk (supervised by Benjamin Le)

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2010-2011 academic year

  • Social Conformity Effects on Error-Monitoring. Julia Anderson, Amanda Levinson, Amanda Zheutlin (supervised by Rebecca Compton)

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2009-2010 academic year

  • Age Differences in Bicultural Identity Integration: A Narrative Approach. Maggie Bishop and Kate Gilson (supervised by Jen Lilgendahl)
  • Parental Autonomy Support, Intergenerational Conflict, and Bicultural Identity Integration in 2nd Generation Emerging Adults. Julia Bravin, MJ Crookes, and Laura Pacas (supervised by Jen Lilgendahl)
  • The Role of Conversations with Friends in Transformational Processing of Negative Events. Danielle Marinucci and Leonor Keller (supervised by Jen Lilgendahl)
  • Testosterone, Social Hierarchies, and Neurogenesis in Male Mice. David Fischer, Jeremy Posner, Daniel Shanin (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Maternal Approach towards Pain in Neonatal Mouse Pups. Katie Englander and Melissa Robbins (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Social Deviance Activates the Brains Error-Monitoring System. Borin Kim, Alison Liss, Monica Rao, and Zachary Singer (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • Directional Schemas and Memory. Fiona Shaw (supervised by Anjan Chatterjee, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Communicative Non-Word Vocalizations: Behavioral Patterns, Autism Spectrum Disorder Risk, and Communicative Significance. Rebecca Burger-Caplan (supervised by Rob Wozniak, Bryn Mawr College)
  • Yoga as a Protective Factor of Body Dissatisfaction? Emily Lovejoy, Jaime Fialkoff, and Wairimu Njiiri (supervised by Amy Neeren)
  • Treatments for Psychopathy. Kristina Birkel (supervised by Amy Neeren)
  • Olfactory Memory: The Influence of Odors in the Formation of Memories. Eugenia Machado (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Expanding the identity: Identity formation and self-expansion in romantic relationships. Allison K. Farrell (supervised by Ben Le)
  • Need fulfillment and missing a romantic relationship partner in long-distance relationships.Anna Eyerer, William V. MacPhee, Charlotte Mezoff, & Jaclyn Porter (supervised by Ben Le)
  • A date with mother nature: Environmental commitment, the investment model, and ecological behavior. Benjamin D. Regan, Jeff Rickert, & Kristen Ridgeway (supervised by Ben Le)
  • The cognitive and social determinants of bystander intervention: Techniques to increase helping behavior in bullying situations. Amy Thomas (supervised by Ben Le)

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2008-2009 academic year

  • The choice to cycle: The efficacy of the theory of planned behavior in transportation decisions. Meg Dickey-Griffith (supervised by Ben Le)
  • Distortions in memory for faces. Jessica Belden, Laura Care, Robert Harbison, Nalynn Park (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)
  • Effects of exercise on cognition and emotional well-being. Southey Saul (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • The effects of social housing and physical exercise on pain behavior, stress-induced analgesia, and hippocampal neurogenesis. Emma Bergman, Angelina Gomes, Jocelyn Guillen, Mimi Nguyen (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Ethnic minority voting and the non-white candidacy of Obama. Alex Kaplan (supervised by Ben Le)
  • Individual differences in the planning fallacy: The role of temporal perspective and mood in predicted duration. Patrick Gleeson, Jeff Monhait, Mark Rudolph (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)
  • Intercultural relationships: Exploring the differences in attraction, maintenance, and success of intercultural Romantic Relationships. Stephanie Noble (supervised by Ben Le)
  • Job Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: An Investment Model Analysis. Lucy Bayer, Amy Gordon, Allison King (supervised by Ben Le)
  • Language capabilities of primates. Matt Drucker (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)
  • A narrative approach to bicultural identity. Lindsay Festa, Chloe Levenson, Rena Rosenblum (supervised by Jen Lilgendahl)
  • Preverbal Error-Monitoring in Stutterers: An Electrophysiological Investigation of the Vicious Cycle Hypothesis. Dan Arnstein, Brian Lakey (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • Relationship between individual differences in attachment and neural response to social scenes. Justin Dainer-Best (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • The relationship between physical pain and the social pain associated with ostracism. Trina Banerji, Annelise Dickinson, Gili Freedman (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2007-2008 academic year

  • Did you hear what I just saw? Auditory dominance in temporal judgments. Carly Giffin (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)
  • The effects of implicit theories and self-esteem on self-narratives of romantic rejection experiences. Jen Benson, Sarah Morris, and Carly Yasinski (supervised by Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl)
  • An exploration of current pain curricula and physical therapists’ knowledge of pain: Emphasis on the psychological aspects of pain. Jennifer X. Chu (co-supervised by Wendy Sternberg and Marilyn Boltz)
  • How motivational orientation, physical self-esteem and relational schemas relate to the athletic self-concept. Bianca Bromberger, Emily Dillon, and Jake Mendlinger (supervised by Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl)
  • Monitoring the mind: The relationship between individual differences in cognitive control and emotion regulation. Alexandra Amen, Jessica Dodd, and Stephanie Fineman (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • A multivariate model of the need for approval from social networks in romantic relationships. Allyson Abrams, Jefferson Fellows, Rachel Jacobson, and Hana Peters (supervised by Ben Le)
  • The relationship between drug-induced alterations in neurogenesis and pain behavior in mice. Emily Alspector and Elizabeth Bitler (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Right on time: The framing effect on predicted duration. Yen Na Yum (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)
  • Social approach behavior in mice: effects of pain state and affiliative hormones. Kara Brown, Amelia Mutso, and Alexander Tuttle (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Social network approval and relationship quality: The role of positive and negative disclosure. Rebecca Harmon and Carly Layfield (supervised by Ben Le)

Senior thesis projects conducted during the 2006-2007 academic year

  • Associations among empathy, human social relationships, and pain behavior. Stephen Selsor and Heather Shafi (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • Commitment, relationship maintenance, and missing a partner in temporarily geographically separated relationships: A longitudinal study of naturally occurring separations. Miriam Korn (supervised by Ben Le)
  • The effects of healing tones on pain and stress behavior in mice. Betsy Gauthier and Joyce Sun (supervised by Wendy Sternberg)
  • The effects of implicit theories and gender on autobiographical reasoning about academic self-defining memories. Meredith Fox, Lindsay Karzon, Amy Havassy, and Jennifer Scully (supervised by Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl)
  • The impact of visual stimuli on music perception. Brittany Ebendorf and Benjamin Field (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)
  • Perceived parental conditional regard and its role in the narrative identity development of college students. Allie Klein and Charlotte Koeniger (supervised by Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl)
  • Perceived similarity and neural mirroring: Evidence from vicarious error processing. Joshua Carp, Michael Halenar, Lorna Quandt, and Alfredo Sklar (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • To err is human: The effects of anxiety and contextual emotion on error-related negativity. Tess Nelson (supervised by Rebecca Compton)
  • Was that the truth? Temporal vocal cues and the perception of deception. Rebecca Dyer and Anna Miller (supervised by Marilyn Boltz)