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Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Sketches on Courses

The courses listed below are a snapshot of some of the different classes offered in the department. A syllabus, or schedule of topics and description of assignments, is given for each.

The Mind
An introduction to the study of mind and behavior.

Psychology 100 - Foundations of Psychology

Professor Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl

This course is designed as an overview of the discipline of psychology. Topics including biological psychology, evolutionary approaches, cognition, social psychology, personality and individual differences, and psychopathology and health will be covered. In addition to these specific topic areas, overarching themes and theoretical issues within the field of psychology will be emphasized throughout the course, with particular attention given to empirical approaches.

Full Course Syllabus (PDF)

An examination of how time is experienced & influences psychological behavior.

Psychology 220 - The Psychology of Time

Professor Marilyn Boltz

Time is often referred to as "the tacit dimension" within psychology because unlike other types of perception, it is not directly available to any sensory organ but can only be apprehended through change and the dynamic flow of environmental events. And yet despite its ephemeral nature, time is a dimension that has a significant impact upon a wide variety of psychological behavior. Topics include: the perception of rhythm, tempo, and duration; temporal perspective; societal concepts of time; neural substrates of temporal behavior.

Full Course Syllabus (PDF)

An in-depth exploration into the field of social psychology.

Psychology 224 - Social Psychology

Professor Benjamin Le

Topics including impression formation, inter- and intra-group processes, social identity, attitudes/persuasion, social influence, and interpersonal attraction will be discussed. In addition to these topic areas, overarching themes and theoretical issues within the field of social psychology will be emphasized throughout the course. Students will become familiar with the research that has contributed to the current social psychological knowledge base.

Full Course Syllabus

Shadow on wall
An examination of the fundamental issues and questions addressed by personality psychology.

Psychology 225 - Self and Identity

Professor Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl

Who am I? How do I feel about myself? What is the story of my life? How peosple answer such questions and the implications of their answers are the issues that are at the heart of this course. Through a combination of lecture and discussion, we will examine the literature on self and identity from multiple disciplinary perspectives (biological, developmental, personality, social, and clinical) and apply scientific concepts to the analysis of socially important issues, current events, popular culture, and our own life experiences

Full Course Syllabus (PDF)