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Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Psychology Major Requirements

The major at a glance:

  • Foundations of Psychology (PSYC 100)
  • Experimental Methods and Statistics (PSYC 200)
  • Six advanced courses distributed across 3 core areas (see below)
  • Two half-credit lab courses
  • Two semesters of senior research
  • The above amounts to 11 total credit hours

Details of the major:

A Full break down of the major and its requirements can be found in the Haverford Psychology Department guidebook

The Psychology major contains a breadth requirement, a general research requirement, a discipline-specific research requirement, and a senior project, as described below:

Breadth requirement

All students take our introductory course, Foundations of Psychology (PSYC 100), and then 6 advanced courses. At least one course must be completed in each of three areas (biological, cognitive, social/personality). See the Psychology Department Student Guidebook for more information about the breadth requirement, including a listing courses that fulfill each of the three areas.

All advanced courses offered in Bryn Mawr's Psychology Department satisfy the advanced course requirement; however, not all of them fit into the above designated areas. See the Student Guidebook for a breakdown of BMC courses by area.

Research requirement

The research requirement of the major trains students to think scientifically about psychological questions and to understand empirical approaches to the discipline. In addition, students obtain hands-on training in conducting behavioral research and answering original research questions.

  • General Research Training: Students take one semester of Experimental Methods and Statistics (PSYC 200). In this lecture and lab course, students will learn the principles of statistics and research design. In lab sessions, students put the statistical techniques that they learn during lectures into practice by designing and conducting several different kinds of data collection and analyses. This course is equivalent to PSYC 205 at Bryn Mawr; either PSYC 200 or BMC PSYC 205 will be offered in each semester. Either of these courses is a prerequisite for the following lab course requirement:
  • Discipline-Specific Research Training:
    • Lab courses: Lab courses: Majors are required to take two half-credit 300-level lab courses offered in specialized areas of the major. These courses typically have Psych 200 (Experimental Methods and Statistics) as a pre-requisite.
    • Senior Research: By the time Psychology majors reach the senior year, they are well prepared to carry out their senior research requirement. The senior thesis is a year-long original empirical project, and students are involved in all phases of the research process; from formulating the questions, designing the study, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting the research both orally and in writing. Visit the senior research page for more details.

Psychology Minor Requirements

The minor requirements are:

  • Foundations of Psychology.
  • Five courses beyond the introductory level, with at least one drawn from two of the following areas: biological psychology, cognitive psychology, social/personality psychology.