Travel & Sabbatical


Duck Pond in the Fall

Good scholarship and personal growth require time for research, reflection, creativity, and renewal. Haverford offers paid leave to support scholars in their research and parents in their family life.

Junior Faculty Leave

To support the research of our junior faculty Haverford offers a one-year leave after third year reappointment.

Sabbatical Policy

Haverford College grants a semester of paid leave every third year or two continuous semesters every six years to tenure-line members of the faculty. Leaves are typically granted at 75% compensation. Applying for outside funding is a necessary condition of eligibility for an increase to 100% of compensation.

A paid sabbatical leave depends on the presentation of a definite program of research, writings, or other activity that demonstrates a faculty member's future contribution to the College. An application for leave includes a written proposal that summarizes both the aims and the results of the last Haverford leave, recent research activities, the relation of the proposed leave to ongoing scholarly goals, and an updated curriculum vitae. Faculty are expected to report on completed leaves. Applications for leave are solicited by the Provost each fall and are usually due September 15. For more detailed information on Haverford College’s sabbatical policy, please reference the Faculty Handbook.

Childbirth and Adoption Leave

A new child requires time away from work. Haverford’s childbirth leave is designed to allow the mother three months of paid leave. The College also offers three months of paid leave in the case of adoption.

To be eligible, the faculty member must be tenure-line or continuing, must have completed one year of continuous employment prior to the beginning of the leave, and must have requested and received approval of the leave from the Provost at least three months in advance. Please see the Faculty Handbook for further details and stipulations.

Travel Resources

Haverford maintains a website with helpful information, including funding opportunities and resources for international travel.