Retirement & Financial Planning

Brochure from Professor Boughn Farewell Symposium April 18,2014

Financial Planning Resources

Haverford offers numerous online financial planning tools and information to help you understand how to plan for retirement and how much you will need to save to meet your retirement goals.

Pension Plan

Upon the first month of employment, the College contributes an amount equal to 11% of actual salary to a faculty member’s pension program.

There are two options for investing these funds - TIAA/CREF or the Fidelity Mutual Funds. Funds may be managed by either Fidelity or TIAA/CREF, or may be split between the two.

Tax Deferred Annuity Plan

In addition to the basic retirement plan, voluntary, tax-deferred contributions may be made under the Haverford College tax-deferred annuity plan. These voluntary contributions can be invested with the same vendors to which the College contributes under the basic plan.

Further details about this program, together with application forms and other more detailed information, is available from the Human Resources Office.