Housing & Commuting

Aerial view of Founders Green

The College owns a total of 71 houses and apartment units on campus that are rented to eligible members of the faculty. Haverford’s faculty housing program allows over 60% of the faculty to reside on campus.

A walking commute and close access to the facilities of the College result in a tight knit community of academics and allows faculty to be deeply integrated into the Haverford experience outside the physical classroom.

Faculty Housing

Housing on campus, at a subsidized rate, may be available to eligible tenure-line and continuing faculty. Interim faculty may be offered housing if additional units remain available. Please contact Susan Penn for additional information.

Facilities Request

For faculty currently residing in housing, facilities requests can be made by contacting Facilities Management.

Mortgage Program

Faculty interested in purchasing housing off campus in the Haverford area may be eligible for a mortgage through Haverford College’s mortgage program. The College provides mortgages up to 1.5% below current Philadelphia area mortgage rates. You can learn more about the mortgage program in the Faculty Handbook.

Commuting Faculty

On campus, short-term guest rooms may be available to faculty members facing a long commute. Please contact Susan Penn to check availability of on-campus accommodations.

Transit Checks

Haverford is within walking distance of SEPTA Regional Rail and the High Speed Line, servicing Bryn Mawr, University City and Center City. Faculty that use public transportation can elect to receive up to $130 pre-tax dollars in transit checks that can be applied towards the cost of commuting and be deducted automatically from their direct deposit. Contact Human Resources to apply.