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Summary Salary

Please use the Summary Salary Request Form to request your summer salary. Be sure to read the College's summer salary policy policy if you are not familiar with this policy. Login required

Non-student Personnel Hiring

If you are planning on hiring non-student personnel (this includes, for example, post-doctoral fellows, and professional staff) to support your research, we recommend that you use the procedures outlined in this document to aid you in this task.

After you fill out the form, this will generate an email to Human Resources for review. If the funding for this position is from an external funding source, then the information will be shared with our Grant & Financial Accountant.

Additionally, if any teaching duties are anticipated, then approval will need to be received from the Provostʼs Office after review of the teaching expectations. While this information will be shared with the Provostʼs Office in such a case, it would be helpful to notify the Provostʼs Office at the same time that you submit this form.

Once all approvals are received, an offer letter will be prepared with a signature from the Director of Human Resources, and if appropriate, with a signature from the Associate Provost. You will have an opportunity to review this letter before it is sent to the candidate.

To guide you in establishing the title and salary range for your expected hire, we provide the following information:

Title Experience/training
Research Technician paraprofessional (no BA)
Research Assistant BA
Senior Research Assistant BA + significant experience
Research Associate MA or equivalent experience
Senior Research Associate PhD

Please feel free to contact Human Resources if you would like information about appropriate salary ranges for each level described above.

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