September 2013:
Form Steering Committee and working groups
Fall 2013:
Working groups convene, consult, deliberate
December 6 2013:
Working groups deliver to Steering Committee preliminary outlines/plans
December 11 2013:
Interim report from Steering Committee to campus
January 31, 2014:
Working group draft reports due
February 7, 2014:
Board of Managers receives planning update at February meeting

Discussions of draft planning materials:
  • March 17/18: Special faculty sessions
  • March 20: updates at Faculty Meeting
  • March 25: Corporation Advisory Committee
  • March 26: Student forum
  • April 2: Staff Association
  • April 7: A/P Meeting
  • Additional faculty session TBD
April 17, 2014:
Review of draft Plan at Faculty Meeting
April 25, 2014:
Board of Managers reviews draft Plan and sets campaign priorities
Plan shared with Corporation at Annual Meeting
Summer 2014:
Open comment period for campus and alumni communities
Fall 2014:
Steering Committee compiles final revisions
Plan submitted to Board of Managers for approval
Launch public phase of campaign

Note: Bringing the planning process to closure this year will not conclude our strategic thinking about the College's future, which must be ongoing. This Plan represents a set of initiatives that will move forward now and will be augmented by others as we continue to look ahead.