In 2012, Haverford began a two-year strategic planning process, informed by planning efforts both recent and dating back a number of years. This Plan will focus on several core areas and critical needs that have been identified as especially important in advancing key strategic objectives for the College.

This planning process has been dedicated to compiling and refining key objectives, integrating and articulating them in a way that clarifies and energizes. It is about setting for ourselves a number of ambitious but achievable objectives that can be implemented and sustained by Haverford's intellectual, human, physical, and financial capital. And it is about doing all of the above on an aggressive but manageable timeline so that we can begin the important work that we know lies ahead

In 2013-2014 we will:

  1. refine areas addressed in 2012-13: academic endowment, physical endowment, student recruitment & support, community & connections, and financial sustainability & endowment.
  2. devote new attention to topics previously identified but not yet sufficiently engaged; and
  3. further broaden the planning process to engage the best thinking of our full community and ensure that the Plan sufficiently addresses the issues of highest strategic importance to the College.
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