Through Senior Staff, each division of the institution develops annual goals and operating plans to provide focus on key issues and assess progress toward objectives. These divisional plans help shape the priorities for the College. Departments, offices, and cross-divisional groups also develop long-range plans for specific focus areas.

Strategic planning at the institutional level draws faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the board into broader conversation about the College's vision for itself. It produces a coherent, achievable set of priorities on which to focus institutional energies and resources. Strategic planning is derivative and recursive in that it both draws from the insights and work embedded in divisional and area planning, and it informs the shape of future plans at the operational level.

The Plan for Haverford 2020

In 2012, Haverford began a two-year strategic planning process. On October 24, 2014, the Board of Managers enthusiastically approved the Plan for Haverford 2020.

The Plan for Haverford 2020 articulates a set of initiatives and priorities that build on Haverford's enduring values as a learning community committed to both the highest levels of academic excellence and an ethical foundation informed by our Quaker traditions.

The Plan for Haverford 2020

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The Campus Master Plan

In February 2009, the Board of Managers approved the Master Plan, designed to serve as a living document and decision making tool, providing guidance for the physical development of the College well into the future. The plan is comprehensive, historically responsive, and environmentally sensitive, and takes into consideration Haverford's past, present and future. The plan clearly articulates our priorities as a campus today, and is flexible enough to respond to changing contingencies. In this sense, the Master Plan is never “finished”, and will continue to evolve along with the College community as a whole.

The Campus Master Plan