College Governance & Organization

At Haverford, we believe in a transparent and participatory community processes. Collaboration, openness, and a respect for the opinions of all members of the Haverford community characterize our governance structures and processes. Many of our customs, such as consensus decision-making, are rooted in Quaker practice.

Our commitment to shared governance provides a significant role and voice for Haverford's various constituencies. Faculty, students, and staff work collaboratively on matters of institutional governance and community interest, often in consultation with the Corporation, Board of Managers, and alumni as well.

  • The Corporation of Haverford College

    The Corporation holds legal title to the College assets and elects members of the Board of Managers, to which it entrusts fiduciary and strategic oversight of the College.

    The Corporation

  • Board of Managers

    The Board of Managers is responsible for general oversight of Haverford College. In practice the Board delegates operational and management functions to the President and administration, and implementation of the academic program to the faculty.

    Board of Managers

  • President of the College

    The President of the College is the chief executive officer and the educational leader of the College.

    The President

  • Divisional Structure & Senior Staff

    Haverford's academic and administrative operations are organized into eight functional areas. The head of each division along with the President and Chief of Staff compose the senior staff, which serves as the President's cabinet and sets administrative policies and priorities for the College.

    Senior Staff

  • Faculty Committees and Administrative Assignments

    The faculty oversee and implement the College's academic program. Through various committee and administrative assignments, the faculty are active partners in shared institutional governance.


  • Students' Council

    Students' Council is an elected body that advocates on behalf of students, serves as representatives to the Board of Managers, appoints students to all major committees at the College, and distributes the activities budget to all student clubs and groups.

    Students' Council

  • Staff Association

    The Staff Association provides an opportunity for the staff to share information and ideas pertaining to campus business and social life.

    Staff Association

  • Alumni Association

    The Alumni Association's primary focus is to strengthen alumni relations between Haverford College and its alumni, while promoting and considering the best interests of the College.


  • International Council

    Haverford's International Council is to advise the Board of Managers, President, administration, faculty, and students on international matters.

    International Council