Application Checklist

Spring (in year you are applying)

  • Attend a Pre-Law Orientation or meet with Jennifer Barr. Appointments made through Emmy Robinson at 610-896-1181.
  • Open a free online account with the Law School Admission Council. Authorize the release of your information to Haverford for contact info and statistical purposes.
  • Decide on which LSAT you will be taking, if you have not already done so (Feb., June, Oct., Dec.).
  • Create a timeline for yourself, working backwards from the date you would like to matriculate.
  • Prepare for and registrar for the June LSAT (if necessary).

End of Semester/Early Summer

  • Subscribe to the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS). This is a fee based service and required to apply to law school.
  • Request Letters of Recommendation or Evaluation Services from Faculty or others.


  • Take the June LSAT(if scheduled).
  • Have official transcripts sent to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).
  • Conduct research on law schools.
  • Review applications and brochures.
  • Research, visit, and select appropriate range of law schools.
  • Prepare personal statement.
  • Meet with Jennifer Barr as needed, telephone appointments are available through # above.
  • Check-in with your letter of recommendation writers / evaluators.
  • Request a Deans Certification for schools that require it (only 8 schools require).
  • Prepare for and registrar for the October LSAT (if necessary).
  • Sign up for a CRA Account (Candidate Referral Service) through LSAC. Schools will recruit you and possibly send application fee waivers.


  • Take October LSAT (if necessary).
  • Request a Dean's Certification for schools that require it (if not yet requested).
  • Attend Law School Information Sessions with admission officers from various law schools.
  • Attend the Philadelphia Law School Fair (held annually at Drexel), or Fairs in other cities.
  • Confirm your application materials/File is complete at LSAC.
  • Apply to an appropriate range of reach AND safety law schools. The EARLIER you apply, the better! Applications become available between September 1 and October 1.
  • Prepare for and registrar for the December LSAT (if necessary).


  • Complete and file financial aid applications – very early winter.
  • Send an updated transcript with Fall term grades to LSAC if needed.
  • Take the December LSAT (if necessary).


  • Meet with Jennifer as needed and as you hear from schools.
  • Talk with Haverford Law Alumni about various schools they attended.
  • Join the HC Law Alumni LinkedIn Group.
  • Send continued-interest letters to any wait list schools.
  • Visit Law Schools as you hear acceptances/Attend Accepted Student days.
  • Pay your seat deposit by law school deadline.
Printable Checklist

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