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Glickman's research has in great part reflected his long interest in African politics, which was kindled during his first journey to colonial Africa in 1959. His publications include editor of and contributor to Ethnic Conflict and Democratization (African Studies Association Press, 1995), and editor of and contributor to Political Leaders of Contemporary Africa South of the Sahara, a biographical dictionary published in 1992 by Greenwood Press (which won an award as a Best Reference Book in that year from Choice Magazine). He is also the editor of and contributor to The Crisis and Challenge of African Development (Greenwood, 1988), and Toward Peace and Security in Southern Africa (Gordon and Breach, 1990). Earlier in his career Glickman authored The Problem of Internal Security in Britain (Doubleday, 1955), and was co-author of Toward Solving the Puzzle --A Manual for Community Service Organizations (1954).

Glickman's interest in African politics tracked the continent's movement from colonialism to independence, inquiring into the relationship of ideology to program, the development of democracy, the relationship of ethnicity to forms of government and connections to foreign policy of African leaders as well as US foreign policy toward Africa. Students have co-authored a number of articles and papers by Glickman in the past decade. He is presently revising his volume on African Leaders and working on the relationship of extremist politics to foreign policy in Africa.