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Here are some teaching related links and materials - please see my faculty profile page for the courses I am teaching this semester.

The Quantum Challenge -  Recitation for Physics 302 2009

Introductory Physics

  • Lectures from Physics 106 2008, 2007 - The lecture notes from the second semester freshman course at Haverford Physics 106 Fundamental Physics II. Each lecture is a separate pdf.

Sophomore Physics

Junior/Senior Level Physics


This is a new course I am teaching in Spring 08, and Spring 09. The course is divided into two halves. In the first half we cover essential topics in computational physics - numerical solution of first order ordinary differential equations applied to problems in Newtonian mechanics including aerodynamic forces. The relaxation method and solution of problems in electrostatics. Numerical integration and the Biot Savart law for solving magnetostatic problems.  Monte carlo methods, Monte carlo integration and statistical physics.
In the second half of the course the students complete extended projects drawn from many areas of physics. In spring 2008 the projects included:

  • A neural network applied to image recognition
  • Simulations of galaxy collisions
  • Simulations of fluid flow
  • A study of methods of numerical solution of the time dependent schroedinger equation.


Here are some movies produced by Anna Pancoast and Shea Garrison Kimmel reproducing the simulations of Toomre and Toomre's 1972 paper  on galaxy interactions.

 -  I recommend vlc player for these movies - they will not work with all players,

In Class demos using Mathematica.

These are a range of demos I have created for use in class. They mostly use Mathematica 6.

Useful Approximations

Waves and Oscillations

Quantum Mechanics

Classical Mechanics