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Check out these other excellent physics demonstratin resources online: North Carolina State (very complete and thorough for the intro level) Physics Instructional Resources Association (run by NC State but different and more complete); Listing of many physics demonstration websites (as of 2005, the links were good)

Choose one of the following categories to view a list of demos:

(cabinet locations in Room H104 are indicated)

Mechanics A, C

Fluid Mechanics B

Waves and Oscillations B 9&10

Thermodynamics B 1-6

Electricity and Magnetism E

Light & Optics D

Sophomore & Upper Level Physics C 4 & 5

Medical Physics B 11&12

You can request demos from the individual demo pages. Please indicate if you can provide materials for your own demos, such as a hot dog or aluminum pie plates.

Cabinet A

Verner sensors, misc. equipment


Spring scales



Conservation of energy lab

Toy trucks

Air tracks & supplies

Cabinet B

1-6 Thermal properties, Gases & Fluids

7 Slide projector & film loops

8 Videos

9 & 10 Waves & Sound

11 & 12 Medical Physics

Cabinet C

1 & 2 Rocket launches (12)

3 Speed of light, Radiation (Geiger counters)

4 & 5 Quantum Mechancis, molecular models

6 Buckets

8 Tug of War

9&10 Rotational Motion

11 & 12 Mechanics

Cabinet D Optics
Cabinet E

Electricity & Magnetism

Lab jacks

Cabinet F Power supplies, test equipment
Cabinet G e/m experiment
Cabinet H flashlights, ear protectors, power tools
Cabinet I

glass thermomeeters

lab clamps

power strips & extension cords

Shelves on righthand side of H104 & storage cabinetson righthandside of room H105

Dynamics carts


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