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Haverford College
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Summer student research opportunities at Haverford College Physics & Astronomy

The following faculty have summer research positions available. The description of the summer projects are given below; and further information may be found in some cases on the Department Faculty Page. These positions are primarily intended for Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College students.

How to apply for summer research positions at Haverford:


  1. Application Deadline: 9am the Friday before Spring Break.
  2. Educate yourself about the professor's research programs, being sure to attend any information sessions and read any relevant materials, websites,.etc. Each professor will send an email describing how you should go about this and whether you need to speak directly with them or not.
  3. Formalize your application for on-campus summer research positions through this brief form:

    Application for Physics and Astronomy research positions

    Even if you've already told a professor that you would like to apply for their lab, you must also fill out this form to be considered for on-campus research. Haverford and Bryn Mawr students receive priority for on-campus jobs.

Suzanne Amador Kane

1 or 2 students; preference to current juniors and then sophomores. Please consult the Powerpoint presentation sent via email and my research group homepage for more information. Physics of Animal Behavior (experimental and computational studies of pursuit-evasion, predation and flocking)
Research group homepage

Alex Hill

1 or 2 students; preference to current juniors and then sophomores, although first years with a very strong background in programming will be considered.

Topics in observational and/or computational astronomy
Research group homepage

Peter Love

Not taking students in Summer 2015

Computational and theoretical research in quantum computing and fluid dynamics
Research group homepage

Desika Narayanan

3 or 4 students. Priority will go toward rising seniors that need a thesis project, then rising juniors out of this year's sophomore astro class.

Research in computational astrophysics. Communicate directly with Desika about research opportunities in his group.
Research group homepage

Kerstin Perez

Priority for the summer will be given to any students already working in my lab. I anticipate still having a 1-2 positions for rising juniors who could commit to continuing research with me for at least one semester of their junior year.

Searches for evidence of dark matter particle interactions; semiconducting Si detector technology; high-energy X-ray astrophysics and signatures of exotic particle physics processes
Research group homepage

Walter Smith I expect to take on 3 students this summer. Students can learn about my research by first visiting my faculty web page, and then talking with me in person. I'm willing to consider frosh, though it seems unlikely we'll have space for them given the number of upper class students. Experimental research in nanoelectronics
Research group homepage
Beth Willman May take up to 2-3, priority on current sophomores; more information by mid-February.

Research in astronomy. Communicate directly with Beth Willman about research opportunities in her group.
Research group homepage