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Haverford College
Departments of Physics and Astronomy
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Physics Placement

Welcome from Haverford College’s Department of Physics & Astronomy! In a minute, you will complete a brief questionnaire that will help us advise you about your placement level in physics.

Once you are on campus, you should feel free to talk with us in person about your placement, or you may contact us via email with any questions ( If your placement level is unclear after you have completed the questionnaire, we may have you fill out a brief exam once you are on campus. We’ll use that information to resolve any remaining questions.

You can learn more about our physics and astronomy programs, including courses, options for majoring, and research opportunities at our department website.

If you are interested in majoring in astronomy or astrophysics, we advise you to take physics at the level you are placed into, then start the astronomy curriculum with Astro/Physics 152: Freshman Seminar in Astrophysics (taught spring semester; not required for either major but highly recommended) or Astronomy 205 (taught every fall semester; required for the astronomy and astrophysics majors.) Our department website can help you find 100-level astronomy courses suited for students not planning on majoring in physics or astronomy.

Please note that this placement process is entirely distinct from the question of whether you get college credit for advanced placement or other study before college. That decision is made by our Registrar’s Office, so please consult them with any questions. Fall physics placement options (these and the spring courses in electricity and magnetism are described in more detail at this website)