Interactive Animation/Applets

I have written a few web applets in HTML 5 or Java to illustrate some important concepts in mathematical physics.

Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine in HTML 5. See the original in Flash at the Drexel NLD page.

Arnold's Cat Map in Java.

Normal Mode Decomposition in HTML 5.

Drexel Linux Wiki

The Liki is Wiki started by Tim Jones and administered by him, Travis Hoppe, and myself to primarily address the Linux computing questions of the Drexel Physics Department. The articles range from program troubleshooting to using Make and LaTeX.

Nonlinear Dynamics at Drexel

Lagrange is the Drexel NLD website, started by Tim Jones but currently maintained (and styled) by myself. It features many explanatory articles on NLD as well as many exploratory animations.

Physics Department Webpage

I had restructured and maintained the Drexel Physics Department Webpage for several years, though it has since been re-restructured.

Drexel Low-Temperature Physics Lab

The Ramos Low-Temp Lab webpage was a collaboration between myself and Tim Jones. Tim designed the layout which I brought to life.


Metapost to PS

mp2ps is a bash script for converting metapost files to postscript. It does this by running the MP file through TeX and then creating PS output. This also allows imbedded TeX to show up correctly when viewing the DVI output of a TeX file that includes the PS versions of the MP files.

The script has been updated to halt on metapost errors which it will send to the terminal.

Drexel Thesis Template

I had mainatained a LaTeX style file that modified the book class to conform to Drexel Univesity Thesis Guidelines. This project has been taken over by Trevor King.