PHYSICS PHYS 322b Solid State Physics
PHYS 101a Classical and Modern Physics I PHYS 326a Advanced Laboratory
PHYS 102b Classical and Modern Physics II PHYS 399f,i Senior Seminar
PHYS 105a Fundamental Physics PHYS 413a, b Research in Biophysics
PHYS 106b Fundamental Physics PHYS 415a, b Research in Nanoscale Physics
PHYS 107b Fluids in Nature PHYS 417a, b Research in Nonlinear Physics and Fluid Dynamics
PHYS 108b Physics of Modern Medicine PHYS 459b Teaching Laboratory Physics
PHYS 109b Chaos and Quantum Physics: Predictability in Science PHYS 460a Association in Teaching Basic Physics
PHYS 110b About Time  
PHYS 152i  Freshman Seminar in Astrophysics ASTRONOMY
PHYS 211f Laboratory in Electronics and Waves ASTR 101a Astronomical Ideas
PHYS 212i Laboratory in Quantum Physics ASTR 112b Survey of the Cosmos
PHYS 213a Waves and Optics ASTR 114b Planetary Science
PHYS 214b Intro to Quantum Mechanics ASTR 152i Freshman Seminar in Astrophysics
PHYS 230b Biophysical Applications in Medicine: Medical Imaging ASTR 205a Astrophysics I: Introduction to Astrophysics
PHYS 302b Advanced Quantum Mechanics ASTR 206b Introduction to Astrophysics II (cosmology and planets)
PHYS 303a Statistical Physics ASTR 313c Observational Optical Astronomy
PHYS 308a Advanced Classical Mechanics ASTR 321b Astrophysics II: Stellar Structure and Evolution,and the Interstellar Medium
PHYS 309b Advanced Electromagnetism and Modern Optics ASTR 320b Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy
PHYS 311a General Relativity ASTR 322a Non-Optical Astronomy
PHYS 313a Particle Physics ASTR 404a,b Research in Astrophysics
PHYS 316b Electronic Instrumentation and Computers ASTR 480a,b Independent Study
PHYS 320b Intro to Biophysics: topics in current biophysics research  

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