Physics 316a - 2008        Assignment 1  Due: Tuesday, Sept. 9  4 pm (turn in to the envelope on my windowsill)




Topic                                Primary source                                                      Alternate source                                         Critical concepts

Input & Output                  Handout on input & output impedance                      LM 3-14 or H&H 1.01-1.06                                         input impedance,                                                     

impedance                                                                                                                                                 output impedance,

                                                                                                                                                                 voltage dividers

AC signals                         H&H 1.07-1.08


Combining                         “Capacitors in parallel and series”, p. 21                                                                               rules for parallel and

Capacitors                                                                                                                                                 series addition of caps



Basic description of           LM 32-35                                                               H&H 1.12-1.13                                   I = C dV/dt,

capacitors, RC decay        (stop before “integrators & differentiators)                                                         meaning of RC time



filters,                                Handout on complex currents & voltages,                 H&H “Impedance and                          C = 1/jwC,

complex                            plus LM 37 (start at “RC filters”)                              Reactance” (p. 29), 1.18, 1.19                                         using voltage divider

voltages                             through LM 42 (stop before “phasor diagrams”)                                                                                                   concept to analyze


reading capacitor               LM 51-53



scope probes                    LM 62-63                                                                                                        Probe increases Zin,

                                                                                                                                                                                    but divides signal by


diodes & power supplies   LM 65-70                                                               H&H 1.25-1.27                                         diode “turn-on”

                                                                                                                                                                 voltage, meaning of


transistors                          LM 84-89                                                               H&H 2.00-2.08



Assigned exercises: H&H 1.27 (p. 46), Additional exercise 7 (p. 59):  Sketch the output for the circuit Text Box:   shown to the left.

1A (individual problem):  Show that, for frequencies well above its f3dB, a low pass filter attenuates signals by an additional factor of 10 for every additional factor of 10 increase in frequency.


1B:  A high-pass filter is built using a 1 nF capacitor and a 10k resistor.  A 200 Hz signal is applied to the input.  What is the phase of the output signal relative to the input?  You should specify both the magnitude of the phase shift, and whether the output lags or leads the input.