Haverford College Physics 106b-2014 -- Fundamental Physics II
Meets: MWF 10:30-11:30 or MWF 11:30-12:30 in E309
optional recitation: Mon 1:30-2:30 or Mon 2:30-3:30 or Tue 4:30-5:30

Labs (every other week): Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday1:15-4:00, Harris 105
Physics Clinic: W and Th evenings, 7:00-10:00, H107

Lecturer: Walter F. Smith (X1332, INSC L110)
Office hours: M 1:30-2:30, Tu 11:30-12:30, Th 3:00-4:00, F 1:30-2:30 or by appointment
Lab instructors: Dan Cross (INSC 107, 896-2908), Joseph Ochoa (INSC L102, 795-6232), and George Cardoso (INSC L106, 896-2973)

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#1 (due 1-31): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#2 (due 2-7): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#3 (due 2-14): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#4 (due 2-28): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#5 (due 3-7): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#6 (due 3-21): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#7 (due 3-28): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#8 (due 4-4): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#9 (due 4-18): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#10 (due 4-25): Web Page .. PDF .. Word
#11 (due 5-2): PDF

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Exam 2 coverage (practice problems & solutions are on Moodle)

Final exam:

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Flash cards part 1
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Additional documents:
Relativity Fundamentals Explained Well

Famous paradoxes

Lecture summaries

Snow day! 1-24-14
Coulomb's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
The electric field, polarization
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Polarized atoms drawn to region of strong E, Electric field lines
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Laser Tweezers Movies: Chimp sperm .. chromosomes
(The chimp sperm movie I showed in class is the fifth one down on the above page. You may also be interested in the third one down; the researchers describe their methods and results. They explain the laser tweezers in a different way than I did in class, because they're addressing a more general audience.)
Summary of the study on chimp sperm
Gauss's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Applications of Gauss's Law: finding the E due to symmetric charge, E in and around metals
Video lectures
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Shielding of transmitters and receivers, Voltage, equipotential lines
Video lectures are on Moodle, under the Panopto focus (lower left .. Video tour of model
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Quantitative connections between E and V
Web page .. PDF .. Word
More on finding V from E
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Metal in equilibrium is an equipotential, charge accumulates at points, dielectric breakdown, definition of capacitance
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Energy stored in a capacitor, air pressure analogy, how to calculate capacitance, parallel plate capacitors
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Exam review session
Energy density of the electric field, definition of current, connecting two-terminal devices in parallel or series, capacitors in parallel or series
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Resistors in parallel or series, microscopic view of conduction, discharging a capacitor through a resistor, differential equations
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Charging a capacitor through a resistor, magnetic fields
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Gauss's Law for Magnetism, Oersted's experiment, magnetic force on a moving point charge (Lorentz force)
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Motion of point charges in a uniform field, magnetic force on a current-carrying wire, celectric motors
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Hall effect, B due to an infinite wire, Biot-Savart Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Permanent magnets, begin Ampere's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Ampere's Law, definition of threading, right hand rule for Ampere's Law, applications of Ampere's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Linear solenoids, Faraday's discovery, definition of emf, derivation of motional emf from magnetic force
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Motional emf in terms of flux derivative, Faraday's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Transformers, Magnetic recording
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Lenz's Law, examples with Faraday's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Eddy currents, summary of right-hand rules, what's wrong with Ampere's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Correction to Ampere's law, graphical interpretation of circulation, summary of Maxwell's equations
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Exam review session
Defiintion of Plane waves, are plane waves compatible with Maxwell's equations?
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Electromagnetic waves!, the electromagnetic spectrum, creating electromagnetic waves
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Intensity, radiation pressure, Poynting vector, superposition of electromagnetic waves, Huygen's principle
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Two-slit interference
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Single-slit diffraction, Rayleigh criterion, multi-slit diffraction
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Atomic spectroscopy, basic postulate of relativity
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Time dilation, begin synchronization
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Synchronization, Fitzgerald contraction, numerical example
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Lorentz transformation, relativistic velocity transformation
Web page .. PDF .. Word

Why nothing can go faster than c, relativistic mass and momentum
Web page .. PDF .. Word

Full derivation of relativistic momentum (Walter on YouTube)

Slides from my YouTube video (pdf)

A different YouTube that does the derivation qualitatively with nice graphics


Mathematica keyboard shortcuts & physical constants
(This is a Mathematica notebook; save it to your computer first, then double-click to open it with Mathematica)


Historical Notes, demonstrator applets, songs, etc.

Math Appendices -- Helpful mathematical material collected by Haverford and Bryn Mawr Physics majors some years ago, edited by Lyle Roelofs.

Charles Coulomb biography


Ben Franklin biography -- a must read!

"Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky" by Benjamin West (1738-1820)

Coulomb's Law song (karaoke version!)

Electric Field Hockey! To get started, click on "Run Now". Arrange the positive and negative charges (drag them out of the supply) so that the puck goes into the goal. Be sure to click the buttons for "field" and "trace"!

Carl Friederich Gauss biography Note: Gauss did so much, especially in math, that you will not find his law explictly mentioned here! Instead, it is referred to as the "law of quadratic reciprocity". He originally derived it as a purely mathematical result for functions that fall off as 1/r^2, and then it was applied to the electric field.

Gauss in 1803
Here's a nifty two-dimensional electric fields and voltage applet. Use the slider bar to determine the strength and polarity of a charge, then click to place it. For me, the "Go" feature doesn't work well, since I can't see the charges while they're moving. But, the displays of the field configurations and equipotentials are pretty neat. Red equipotentials correspond to positive voltages (relative to the voltage infinitely far away) and blue to negative voltages.

Gauss's Law Song
No Magnetic Monopoles Song
Oersted Song
(Including link to Techno version by the legendary Aziz Khan!)

A really nice DC motors demonstration

Michael Faraday:
Short biography

Complete biography, written in 1872

Tesla Song: lyrics & chords .. mp3 (Guitar by Matt McCutchan)

Nikola Tesla:

PBS website (very detailed!)

A Physics Utopia (Faraday's Law Song)

The Mechanical Universe:
Maxwell's Equations

Free registration required. Choose episode 39. The part we watched in class starts at 19:15.

Ampere's Law Song
Poynt Little Vector song: lyrics .. mp3 (guitar by Matt McCutchan) The ether song

The Mechanical Universe:
Non-simultaneity in relativity

Choose episode 42. The part we watched in class starts at 6:57.

The Relativity Song
Background image: A rare triple lightning strike (this is not a multiple exposure), taken on the great plains by Dr. Steven Horsburgh.