Stephen Paul Boughn

Affiliation and Official Address

John Farnum Professor of Astronomy
Haverford College, Haverford PA 19041
phone: (610) 896-1146; e-mail:


Ph.D. (Physics), Stanford University, August 1975
M.S. (Physics), Stanford University, June 1970
B.A. (Physics), Princeton University, June 1969


Full Professor of Astronomy, Haverford College, 1992–
Visiting Fellow, Department of Physics, Princeton University, 2003-4
Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, 1996-1997
Visiting Professor of Physics, Princeton University, 1996
Associate Professor of Astronomy, Haverford College, 1986–1992
Assistant Professor of Physics, Princeton University, 1979–1986
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Stanford University, 1975–1978

Professional Activities

Divisional Associate Editor (Astrophysics), Physical Review Letters, 1997-2003
Committee of Visitors for Physics, National Science Foundation, 1991 and 1997
Special Emphasis Panel on Gravitational Physics (NSF), 1996
Physics Advisory Committee of the National Science Foundation, 1990-1993

Research Activities

Large-scale structure in the universe; the cosmic microwave and X-ray backgrounds; correlations of the cosmic microwave background with nearby (z ~ 1) tracers of mass (the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect); diffuse X-ray emission from superclusters; infrared and optical searches for dark matter; surface photometry of clusters of galaxies; diffuse intergalactic light; gravitational radiation; the foundations of gravity.

Teaching Activities

A variety of courses in physics and astronomy including: introductory physics and labs; classical mechanics; classical electrodynamics; modern physics laboratory; general relativity; freshman seminar in astrophysics; introductory astronomy; introduction to astrophysics; structure and evolution of stars; extragalactic astronomy; observational astronomy; independent research. Christian and Mary Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1989; Haverford Innovative Teaching Award, 2003. I have involved many undergraduates in my research and several have coauthored papers with me.


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