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Haverford College
Department of Sociology


Philosophy at Haverford aims as far as possible to reflect the richness, diversity, and reflexivity of philosophical inquiry. Grounded throughout in the history of philosophy, many courses focus on particular subfields, on social and political philosophy, for instance, or the philosophy of mind, aesthetics or the philosophy of logic and language.

A student of philosophy at Haverford might study views regarding the ultimate nature of reality or pursue questions about the nature of a good human life, might grapple with theoretical problems of social justice or with puzzles that arise on reflection about language.

Careers & Graduate Work

Some Haverford philosophy majors go on to graduate school in philosophy. Most pursue careers in other disciplines such as medicine, law, education, public service, architecture, and business. Since the study of philosophy strengthens both the skill of analytical thinking characteristic of scientific investigation and the strong verbal and writing skills of the humanist, advanced undergradutae training in philosophy is excellent preparation for a wide range of career paths. It is also at the core of a liberal education -- whatever one's primary intellectual interests.

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