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Welcome to Philosophy at Haverford

The discipline of philosophy is distinguished both by the breadth of its subject matter and by the diversity of its methods. Originally encompassing all fields of study, philosophy still takes its problems from all aspects of our lives and experience. The discipline of philosophy also incorporates its own history and is inherently reflexive; to study philosophy is at the same time to study its history and to call into question even its most fundamental presumptions.

Why Philosophy at Haverford: Faculty

You'll have opportunities to reflect upon, and contribute to, ongoing discussions of the philosophical issues that arise in all areas of our lives, and to do so with a faculty that reflects the rich diversity of philosophy's methods and approaches throughout history and around the world. More on Faculty >

Why Philosophy at Haverford: Curriculum

A thoughtfully constructed sequence of courses focused on close readings of some of the most influential and fascinating works of philosophers, from Plato to Derrida, Nagarjuna to Nietzsche, together with critically reflective discussion of the impact of their ideas on the world today.
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Why Philosophy at Haverford: Research

Extensive research opportunities for senior majors include: inviting a prominent international philosopher of their choice for a talk, lunch, seminar, and reception; researching, writing, and presenting an independent thesis project in close collaboration with a member of the faculty; and leading student discussions in introductory philosophy courses. More on Senior Research >

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