Tuition Benefits

Full-time employees may take one undergraduate course per semester for credit or for audit without charge, at Haverford College or Bryn Mawr College.  If you wish to take a course for credit, you must obtain approval to do so from your immediate supervisor and the Director of Admission under the normal rules for admission to the College, and the instructor, under the usual rules for registration.  For auditing a course, you must seek the approval of your immediate supervisor, the Dean of the College, and the course instructor, under the usual rules for registration. If you take a course for credit or audit during normal working hours, you must arrange with your supervisor to make up the time spent in class. Part-time and other employees are not eligible for this benefit.

Full-time employees may also take a limited number of graduate courses, without charge, toward a graduate degree at Bryn Mawr College.  You must first formally apply and gain admission to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (which limits you to three units without charge) or the Graduate School of Social Work (limit of four units).  Call the Office of Special Academic Programs at Bryn Mawr College for further information.  At the present time the tuition for such courses is not considered taxable income by the IRS but this section of the tax code is subject to change. Before enrolling for a course please check with the Human Resources Office on the tax status of this benefit.

Tuition - Children of Employees

Full-time employees who have been employed by the College for seven years or longer may apply for payments of up to 50% of tuition for dependent children at Haverford, at other accredited colleges or universities, and at other institutions of post-secondary education [e.g., accredited technical and trade schools].  Payments are available for up to two children, under age 25, and may continue for up to four years of full-time education.  Full details about the program are available from the Human Resources Office.

Part-time employees who have been employed by the College for seven years or longer may apply for a pro-rated benefit.

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