The Staff

The College work force includes faculty, administrative and professional employees, and staff employees.  This Handbook applies only to staff employees, whose working conditions are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended.  This general “umbrella” act established minimum wages, overtime pay and equal pay requirements.  All staff employees are “non-exempt”: that is, they are protected by these requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Faculty, administrative and professional employees are “exempt”; that is, they are not covered by some parts of the Act.  For example, “exempt” employees may have to work long and irregular hours but are not eligible for overtime pay or compensatory time off.

Full-time staff employees work at least 35 hours per week for at least 39 weeks or the equivalent thereof (a total of at least 1,365 hours annually). Regular work weeks may be scheduled over 4, 5 or 6 days depending on the requirements of the job assignment.

Part-time staff employees perform a specific ongoing task and work at least 17‑1/2 hours per week for 52 weeks or the equivalent thereof (a total of at least 910 hours annually).

Full-time and part-time staff employees are eligible for benefits as discussed in the sections on Salary and Benefits.

Other employees are hired either for a specific assignment of limited duration or as a temporary replacement for an existing position, or they work less than 910 hours annually.  Such employees are not entitled to fringe benefits other than Social Security.


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