Salary and Benefits

Descriptions of the College's compensation policies and benefit programs follow. The amount and availability of certain benefits are governed by the law and also by legal documents pertaining to specific benefit plans, and not by this Handbook.  Summary Plan Descriptions are available in the College’s Human Resources Office and are provided to all new employees to accompany this Handbook.

Salary Policy and Compensation

Haverford follows a policy of total compensation, as do most colleges and universities.  Total compensation means that the College consciously considers the costs of benefits as well as salaries and wages in determining the financial remuneration of employees.

Job titles and pay scales are assigned to each position. Pay scales, as much as possible, reflect the compensation of similar positions at colleges, universities, and other non-profit institutions in geographic proximity to the College. Titles are designed to be descriptive.

Salary increases are recommended by each employee's immediate supervisor, take effect on July 1, and are related to job performance.  The economic status of the College will affect the amount of salary increases, and annual increases cannot be guaranteed, even to employees who perform satisfactorily.  Whenever possible, the College attempts to recognize meritorious service in making salary increases. All salaries are reviewed annually by the President and Vice President for Finance and Administration

Employees hired after February 28 normally are not considered for an increase on July 1 of the year in which they are hired.


Payroll Periods

Payday is every other Friday, and the payment covers the time worked for the two week period ending on the preceding Sunday.  If payday falls on a holiday, pay will be distributed on the workday proceeding the holiday.  In order to be paid, you must fill out a time sheet, and your supervisor must submit your completed time sheet to the Business Office no later than the Monday noon preceding the Friday payroll.  You are responsible for completing your time sheet accurately; falsification of a time sheet can lead to discipline, up to and including dismissal.

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