Leaving the College Permanently

Employees are employed at-will throughout their employment at the College.  This means that you have the right to terminate your employment at any time, with or without cause or notice, and the College has the same right.  Nothing will have the effect of changing the at‑will status of your employment other than a written agreement signed by you and the President specifically changing the at‑will status.


If you plan to leave the College, you are requested to notify your immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Office at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of departure.  The two-week period will allow the College to plan for an orderly transition and will enable the Payroll Department to provide your final paycheck (including any accumulated vacation pay due) on your last day of employment.  Participation in insured benefit programs normally ends on the last day of the month of termination of service.

Job Elimination

If the position to which you are assigned is eliminated for budgetary reasons, because the work is no longer required, or for any other reason, and if your performance has been satisfactory, the College will attempt but does not guarantee to relocate you.  If relocation is deemed not feasible by the College and your performance has been satisfactory, the Col­lege will attempt to advise you at least one month in advance of its intent to eliminate the position and you will receive severance pay based on years of service to Haverford in accordance with the following schedule:

Years of Service Severance Pay
6 and over
4 weeks
9 weeks
13 weeks
18 weeks

Retirement Policy

Under the Haverford College Retirement Plan, normal retirement is at age 65.   The timing of an employee decision to retire is up to the employee and is not restricted by the College’s retirement plan.  When ready to retire, an employee should notify his or her supervisor and the Human Resources Office at least six months in advance so that arrangements for retirement income can be made in a timely fashion.


It is the College’s intention to administer disciplinary decisions evenhandedly and, when feasible, to help employees correct problems which interfere with their effectiveness.  Consequently, the College has developed flexible steps for dealing with problems.  The College’s Disciplinary Process is described elsewhere in this Handbook.  As explained in that section, the College may use progressive discipline or may dismiss an employee immediately, depending on the nature of the offense or problem, and relevant facts and circumstances.

Although the College intends to follow the above guidelines for discipline and termination, nothing contained in this section will have the effect of altering the at‑will status of your employment.


Exit Interview

The Human Resources Office will attempt to arrange a meeting with departing employees before they leave the College, usually during the last two weeks of employment.  This meeting will include a discussion of the reasons for leaving, a review of fringe benefits, a return of keys or College documents, as well as an attempt to answer any personal questions the departing employees may have.

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