Informal Resolution of Conflicts

Interpersonal or job-related problems should be worked out within your department or office if at all possible.If you have a problem that needs resolution, discuss it promptly with your immediate supervisor.If the two of you are unable to resolve the problem, it may be necessary to take up the matter with the person to whom your immediate supervisor reports.

The College encourages the use of informal approaches to working through conflicts, and provides additional resources to assist you.In cases of job-related difficulties, you may wish to consult with the Director of Human Resources, whose office is located in Stokes Hall.If your conflict involves a matter of sexual harassment or other discrimination (including sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, physical disability or handicap), you should seek the assistance of one of the three Equal Employment Opportunity Officers.Their names are available in the Presidentís Office and the Human Resources Office.

These individuals will discuss your concerns with you confidentially.They are also empowered to mediate or conciliate that concern, either singly or, in the case of the EEO officers, as a group.While the right to use more formal grievance procedures is clearly available to you, the merits of your concern will be considered carefully and, if appropriate, an informal resolution will be attempted.

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