Formal Grievance Procedures

If you are unable to resolve the problem by using all available informal procedures, you may file a formal grievance.  The first step is to present your concern in writing to the Director of Human Resources.  The director will convene an Appeal Committee consisting of three full-time employees who have worked at least one year at the College.  You will select the first member of this committee, and the person against whom the grievance is addressed will select the second member from among employees working in an area unrelated to the grievance.  These two committee members will choose a third member, and the three will choose a chair from among themselves.

The major functions of the Appeal Committee are fact-finding and presenting recommenda­tions about your case to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.  The committee will begin by meeting with the Vice President to review your concerns and to discuss ways to develop information about those concerns.  The committee will then meet with you, at which time you can elaborate on the reasons you filed your grievance.  The committee will also meet with the person against whom your grievance is addressed, and any other individuals who can provide relevant information.

The committee will endeavor to present its recommendations in writing to the Vice President for Finance and Administration within 10 working days after it receives the grievance.  The Vice President, who is free to accept, reject or modify these recommendations, will make the final decision as promptly as possible and will notify you in writing.


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