Salary and Benefits

Payroll Deductions

As an employer, the College is required to make payroll deductions for federal, state, and Philadelphia wage taxes (where applicable); federal social security taxes; and other federal, state, or local taxes which provide for payroll deduction.  The College also must comply with court orders or other legal processes that stipulate payroll deductions.

The College will deduct the employee’s share of any benefit costs.  Employees may authorize additional payroll deductions for supplementary retirement programs, United Way contributions, the NBA Credit Union, or other purposes approved by, or provided by, the College.

Direct Deposit of Paycheck

You can arrange to have your paycheck deposited directly to any bank participating in the Automated Clearing House.  Details are available from the Human Resources Office.


Flexible Benefits Plan

The Haverford College Flexible Benefits Plan consists of core benefits that are provided to every full time employee, and options available under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code.  These options generally allow you to create a Spending Account to meet medical expenses not covered under other medical or dental programs and to meet expenses for dependent care.  Amounts contributed to Spending Accounts are pre-tax - that is, they are not included in taxable earnings reported to the IRS on form W-2.

The core benefits, described in greater detail below, are medical coverage, Clinical Dental Plan, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance and the Pension Plan.  The medical coverage consists of a Clinical Medical Panel of four physicians and the choice among Independence Blue Cross (Personal Choice PPO, Keystone POS and Keystone HMO). The optional benefits are a Medical Spending Account, a Dependent Care Spending account, and Medical Opt-Out.

Medical Spending Account:  Up to $3,000 per year can be set aside on a pre-tax basis to cover expenses that are not covered by the insurance plans.  These expenses can include the cost of glasses, dental work outside the Clinical Dental program, or deductibles and co-payments.  You may also pay your portion of the premium expense for dependents with pre-tax dollars.  It is important to note that elections are made for a year at a time, November 1 to October 31, and that if funds set aside in a Spending Account are not used during that time under IRS regulations they revert to the College and are lost to the employee.

Dependent Care Spending Account:  Up to $5,000 per year can be set aside on a pre-tax basis to cover expenses for dependent day care.  The government allows you to use this type of account to pay for day care costs you incur taking care of children under age 13, or anyone over age 13 who is physically or mentally disabled, if he or she is claimed as a dependent on your federal income tax return.  This care qualifies for reimbursement only if it is necessary so that you (and your spouse) can work.  Again, under IRS regulations funds set aside that are not used during the year are lost—“use it or lose it.”

Medical Opt-Out:  If your spouse or domestic partner works and you can provide documentation to the Human Resources Office that you already have adequate medical coverage, and you are eligible for full medical coverage under the Haverford College plan, the College will make cash available to you, either as a pre-tax contribution to a spending account or as a taxable addition to your take home pay.

Further information on the Flexible Benefits Plan including enrollment forms and the Summary Plan Description is available in the Human Resources Office.

Definition of Dependents

Generally, “dependents” eligible for College benefits are (1) a lawful husband or wife of an employee, (2) a domestic partner in a long-term, committed and financially interdependent relationship with an employee, and (3) an unmarried child of an employee who on October 31 of any year is (a) less than 19 years of age, (b) 19 years of age but under 23 years of age who is enrolled full-time in a school, college, or university and is primarily supported by the employee, or (c) 19 years of age or older who is mentally and/or physically incapable of earning a living. The term “child” will include (a) a child born of the employee, (b) a child legally adopted by the employee, and (c) a stepchild of the employee living in a normal parent-child relationship with, and dependent on, the employee. See the Human Resources Office for further details.

Health Insurance

Full-time Employees:  Haverford College offers a choice of three medical plans: the Personal Choice plan from Independence Blue Cross (Personal Choice PPO, Keystone POS and Keystone HMO) which you are eligible on the first of the month if hired between dates of the first and the fifteenth of the month. After the the fifiteenth of the month, eligibility will begin the first of the following month. after 30 days of employment.  The College will pay the equivalent of the cost of the single individual.  For those who wish to enroll family members, the premium cost will depend on your salary level.  For employees whose full-time equivalent salary is less than $42,100 per year (this salary level is subject to annual review), the College will pay 80% of the costs to cover your spouse or domestic partner or other dependents.  For those earning over this amount, the College will pay 70% of the dependent premiums. Your share of the dependent costs may be paid on a pre-tax basis through the Flexible Benefits Plan.

When you enroll in one of these plans, you will be provided with a statement of your rights for continuation of coverage upon leaving employment of the College. At that time, you may be entitled to continued coverage under the College’s group plan as defined by Federal law.  This coverage extension, generally referred to as "COBRA" coverage, is at your cost and can continue for up to 18 months for you and in some cases up to three years for your dependants.

Due to increasing costs of Health Insurance, changes in the College’s coverage are possible in the future.  Every effort will be made to provide employees prior notice of any such changes. Details of the coverages provided by the various medical insurance plans are available from the Human Resources Office.  Plan documents control the eligibility of dependents for insurance benefits.

Part-time Employees:  You and your dependents are eligible to join the group plan, but the College will only pay 50% of the single premium and 35% or 40% of the dependents’ premium (depending on your salary level) after you have been an employee for 30 days. 


Clinical/Medical Plan

Full-time Employees:  After you have completed 90 days of employment, you and your dependents are eligible for free doctor visits to one of four participating physicians.  Coverage includes office visits, physical examinations, pediatric care, and routine gynecological services.  The plan excludes home visits, laboratory services, expensive inoculations, and the services of a specialist.  After selecting one of the following physicians you must notify the Human Resources Office prior to receiving services.

                       Dr. Vicki Berberian
                       647 Ardmore Avenue
                       Ardmore, PA l9003  (610-642-1835)

                       Dr. Andrew M. Fisher
                       Dr. Margaret McPherson
                       447 Great Springs Road
                       Bryn Mawr, PA  19010 (610-525-4547) 

                       Dr. Joel R. Lowenthal
                       Bryn Mawr Medical Building
                       Bryn Mawr, PA  19010  (610-527-2231)

Part-time Employees:  You and your dependents are eligible for Clinical/Medical Plan coverage after you have been an employee of the College for two years.

Dental Plan

Full-time Employees:  After you have completed one year of service at Haverford, you and your dependents are eligible for an extensive list of free dental services.  The list of procedures covered by the plan is available in the Human Resources Office.  After selecting one of the following dentists you must notify the Human Resources Office of your choice prior to receiving services.

                       Bryn Mawr Dental Associates (Drs Bookman, Dunn and Pavel)
                       945 Haverford Rd, 2nd Floor
                       Bryn Mawr, PA  19010 (610-527-2469)

                       Bryn Mawr Dental Health Group (Drs Deal, Ling, Richardson, Mesina)
                       19 Morris Avenue
                       Bryn Mawr, PA  19010  (610-525-4910)

                       Dr. Geoff Donoho
                       54 Rittenhouse Place
                       Ardmore, PA l9003  (610-649-7670)

                       Main Line Family Dentistry (Drs Snyder and Zalis)
                       93l Haverford Road
                       Bryn Mawr, PA  19010  (610-525-2311)

                       Robin D. Harshaw, DMD & Associates (pediatric specialists)
                       Suite 100
                       780 Lancaster Ave.
                       Bryn Mawr, PA  19010 (610-527-2434)

Part-time Employees:  You and your dependents are eligible for the Dental Plan coverage after you have been an employee of the College for two years.

Life Insurance

The College provides full-time employees with a term life insurance policy through the Standard Insurance.  You must be employed for at least six months to be eligible for insurance.  The current benefit is $15,000..  Application forms and information about the coverage are available in the Human Resources Office.

Part-time Employees are not eligible for life insurance coverage.


Long Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided through Standard Insurance for full-time employees after one year of employment.  However, if you were insured under a prior employer’s group disability policy, you may be eligible for disability coverage within your first month of employment at Haverford.  Check with the Human Resources Office for details.

Total disability currently is defined as your complete inability during the first 24 months of disability—by reasons of sickness or bodily injury—to engage in your regular occupation.  Thereafter, it is defined as your complete inability to engage in any occupation for which you are reasonably fitted by education, training, or experience.

The coverage provided by the College is designed to supplement the disability benefit provided by Social Security.  The combination of disability coverage by Social Security and that provided by the College will equal 60% of your monthly salary. A pension premium waiver continues contributions to the Pension Plan and a similar disability waiver continues the Life Insurance coverage. Participation ends in Health Insurance and Clinical Medical and Dental programs, except as provided for in any conversion or continuation privileges of the individual programs. Individuals on disability usually become eligible for the Medicare Disability program after 29 months of disability.

Any employee on disability insurance who is certified as being able to return to full-time employment will be reinstated by the College only if an appropriate opening exists at that time, unless a Leave of Absence has been granted under the normal provisions of such leaves.

Part-time employees are not eligible for long-term disability insurance coverage.

Unemployment Compensation

Employees who leave the College may contact the Pennsylvania Employment Service to explore eligibility for benefits. Normally, employees who resign or are terminated for willful misconduct are not eligible for unemployment compensation.

Worker's Compensation

If you are injured or become ill in the course of your employment, you are responsible for notifying your supervisor immediately, who will in turn notify the Human Resources Office as soon as possible.  If necessary, you will be sent to a doctor or hospital for treatment.  You must also advise your supervisor promptly if an accident occurs, whether or not it results in injury. The insurance carrier will be notified by the Human Resources office and will help to coordinate your care and make sure that appropriate follow-up care is given.  This will include working with your supervisor and physician should you have to miss work or have a period of time with restricted duties.  Haverford College has arranged for the payment of your medical care with The Shared Services Consortium.

In accordance with Section 306(f) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, the College exercises the right to require that an injured/ill employee visit one of at least six physicians designated on the College’s panel of physicians initially and for ninety days from the date of the employee’s first visit.  The College posts a list of medical providers from which employees must select, and distributes notices required under the Act.

Haverford’s Workers' Compensation Insurance will pay all valid doctor and hospital bills for any injury you incur while working for the College.  If you miss work because of your injury, you will be paid in accordance with the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act.  The coverage provides payment for each day of disability after the seventh day.  However, if the period of disability is for fourteen days or more, payments will be provided for the entire period of disability.  Haverford employees whose disability is less than fourteen days may apply their sick days or vacation days to the first seven days of disability.

Social Security

As required by federal law, the College currently deducts a portion of an employee’s salary and contributes an equal amount in the employee’s name to the Social Security system.  In 2009, employees will pay 6.2% of the first $106,800 and 1.45% of amounts above that level and the College will contribute an equal amount.  Benefits and contribution rates are changed frequently by the Congress; current information about benefits may be obtained from either the Human Resources Office or your local Social Security Office and website

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