The College

Founded in 1833 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Haverford College is an independent liberal arts college committed to providing an undergraduate education for men and women. This education is distinguished by a rich academic curriculum, a commitment to excellence and a concern for individual growth. Though non-sectarian, Haverford still manifests its Quaker roots in the close relationship of faculty, and staff, and students, the emphasis on integrity and freedom of conscience, and in the interaction of the individual and the community.

The 200-acre campus includes 90 buildings, woods, a pond, and an arboretum. A strong sense of community among students, faculty and staff is reinforced by the fact that 97% of the 1100 students and 60% of the 125 faculty live on campus. The College circle extends beyond the campus as well, with close academic and social ties to nearby Bryn Mawr College and Swarthmore College.

The role of the 355 non-faculty employees is to provide support for the basic teaching mission of the College. Each person's support is essential to the success of the College and provides an important contribution to the Haverford community.

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