Cultural & Ethnic Student Organizations

The OMA offers monetary support for multicultural student organizations that organize programs and events reflective of the office's mission to social justice and diversity.

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  • ALAS: Alliance of Latin/Latin American Students

    Our mission is to engage the Haverford community about Latin@ culture and identity through diverse perspectives. Our goal is to welcome those who are interested in learning about Latin@ culture as well as increasing involvement across campus. We also hope to provide a niche for Latin American-identified students to talk about how their identities enrich their Haverford experience. Finally, current ALAS members will continue to discuss and create action regarding Latin American issues in the the Haverford context and the larger community in the United States as a way to apply their Haverford experience to the ALAS cause.

  • Baha'i Club

    The Baha'i Club aims at creating an environment where students can explore and investigate their spiritual beliefs. An important principle of the Baha'i faith is the independent investigation of truth, whatever that may be for each individual. We want to encourage people on this journey by engaging them in devotional gatherings, service projects and other activities without including the common pressure of prostlyzation. We welcome anyone interested to contact us for upcoming activity information.

  • Bi-Co Friends of Israel

    Our goal is to expand upon the discussion of Israel at Haverford. We offer some insight into the varied and multiethnic nature of Israeli society, and aim to show aspects of Israel that are often missed in discussions surrounding Israel at Haverford. Naturally, however, we welcome discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian question and invite speakers and events to Haverford to present alternative viewpoints and ideas.

  • Bi-Co Japanese Culture Club

    The purpose of this organization is to explore Japanese culture through various social and cultural activities and events relating to Japan. We will look at both traditional Japan and modern Japanese activities. Through various trips to Philadelphia we will get hands-on experience with the Japanese culture around us through an interesting manner—food. Japanese Culture shows in the future, will be another way for everyone way to learn new aspects of the Japan that they have yet to learn.

  • Bi-Co Renewal College Fellowship

    We are the college ministry of Renewal Presbyterian Church, an urban PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church located in Devon, PA. Our fellowship consists of college students from Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Villanova.

    As a ministry of Renewal, our fellowship exists to renew lives in Christ to transform our city and the world.

    We strive to be a community that encourages and points each other and our friends towards understanding and seeing God in light of what He has done through the gospel.

    We have weekly on-campus Bible Studies (aka Community Group or CG), Friday worship services (together with BMC and Villanova, aka Large Group or LG), and Sunday worship services in Devon.

  • BSL: Black Student League

    Since its inception in 1972 The Black Students League has been an organization founded on the principles of education, empowerment and support for students of color at Haverford College. We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive environment for all students and meaningful discussions aimed at showing how rich and diverse Black culture truly is.

    The BSL is devoted to the enrichment of Haverford's community. We pledge to stimulate dialogue and heighten awareness about critical issues afflicting the Black community within Haverford and in the wider world of Africa and the Diaspora. We also vow to foster an environment dedicated to cultural exchange and to cultivate a supportive environment for Black students. By educating ourselves and others around us, we hope to provoke positive action and personal development.

  • CJL: Center for Jewish Life- Chabad House

    The Bi-Co Chabad Student Group fosters awareness of Jewish spiritual heritage, values, cultures, and traditions by providing educational opportunities in Torah and by facilitating the observance of Jewish rituals and customs. With the support of Rabbi Eli Gurevitz and Rebbetzin Blumie Gurevitz and the Rohr Center for Jewish Life, the Bi-Co Chabad Student Group offers students a Jewish 'home away from home' with hospitality Shabbat dinners (every Friday night while school is in session at 7:00pm), Talmud study, Ten Commandments Fellowship Classes, Jewish mysticism classes, kosher food, and more. All students are welcome.

  • ECM: Episcopal Campus Ministry

    The Episcopal Campus Ministry is a bi-co group for all people interested in the Christian faith. It is a space where you can come to your own conclusions about faith and life while in a supportive environment with other students asking the same questions as you.

    Sunday services are 7:45am, 9:00am (Holy Eucharist Rite II with music), and 11:15am. The Church of the Redeemer is located at the corner of Pennswood Road and New Gulph Road, just off of Montgomery Avenue.

    Student positions in the Redeemer Choir are available on a semester basis (small stipend included).

  • EEA: Eastern European Alliance

    The purpose of this club is for Haverford Students who are either of Eastern European descent or have an interest in Eastern European culture to meet and enjoy the shared elements of our pan-Slavic cultures as well as to explore the differences that often separate us. We will host events such as Russian movie nights, Polish dancing lessons, and Eastern European potlucks/music exchange nights in order to foster a sense of community between Eastern European students at Haverford.

  • Grace Covenant Church Fellowship

    Grace Covenant Church Fellowship is an interdenominational group open to all students in the bi-co community and is meant to be a safe place for Christians and non-Christians alike. Members have the opportunity to participate in the Fellowship through tri-weekly meetings: mid week meetings for prayer and Bible studies, large group meetings on Friday evenings, and Sunday morning services at church. The group encourages small group Bible studies, prayer and often hosts talks and informal workshops on topics pertinent to the Christian faith. Grace Covenant Church Fellowship is associated with Grace Covenant Church ( located at the Baldwin School, UPenn. Its location permits Haverford students to network and meet up regularly with members of the larger university community in the Philadelphia area.

  • HASA: Haverford Asian Students Association

    HASA strives to...

    • Foster a support system and social network for students who identify with Asian culture;
    • Raise awareness about issues affecting the Asian community on and off campus;
    • Engage the Haverford community through events and discussions;
    • Embrace the differences and commonalities of the Asian identity.
  • HCF: Haverford Christian Fellowship

    The Haverford Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational, evangelical, student ministry that seeks to serve the Haverford College Community.

    We strive to encourage one another in a Biblical relationship with God and share the love of God, through the gift of Jesus Christ, to others. We are a fellowship that welcomes anyone who is curious or doubtful. We facilitate this mission through weekly Bible studies and worship, community events, small groups, Friday Fun Night, retreats, and conferences that help students grow and serve the Haverford Community.

  • Haverford Newman Society

    Haverford Newman Society (named for Blessed John Henry Newman, Oxford scholar and theologian) brings the resources and services of the Catholic Church to the Haverford campus.

  • ISA: International Students Association

    ISA is a club for international and domestic students at Haverford! ISA aims to provide a support system for international students at Haverford College, and helps ease their transition to life at Haverford and in the US. We also organize trips to places nearby such as Philadelphia and New York City. We also answer any queries prospective and admitted international students may have.

  • JSU: Jewish Student Union

    Haverford JSU is an organization dedicated to hosting a variety of Jewish religious, cultural, social and education events for the Haverford College community. We host Shabbat services and dinner every Friday night. Anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or experience is welcome at any JSU event. Anyone is welcome to come for services, dinner, or both. We have our own lounge in the basement of Jones dorm, and we typically hold services there at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:30.

    We also put on special events for holidays, such as sukkot, a Hannukah party, a Purim Party, and Passover Seders. This past year we had both a traditional Seder and a chocolate Seder!

    Haverford JSU also places emphasis on community service, as it is important to us to give back.

    While Haverford JSU does not endorse a particular standpoint on Israel/Palestine political issues, we encourage dialogue and education concerning the conflict. JSU will advertise, without necessarily endorsing, Israel/Palestine-related activities and events in keeping with its goal of encouraging Jewish engagement and involvement on campus. If there is any project that you would like to have us partner with you on, we are more than open to that idea. Just contact us!

  • KSA: Bi-College Korean Students Association

    The purpose of this organization is to act as a resource for the Bi-College Korean American student community, and to provide a space for networking through community activism and cultural events. The organization also strives to raise awareness of Korean and Korean American culture within the Bi-College student community.

  • MSA: Muslim Students Association

    MSA is an organization setup to serve Muslim students' needs and promote the awareness of Islam on campus. It is a bi-college organization with Bryn Mawr College with meetings on both campuses. Non-Muslim students are very welcome to attend our meetings as well.

  • Bryn Mawr's Tri-College NAACP Chapter

    Founded in 1909, the NAACP acknowledges that we do not live in a 'post-racial' society and works to "achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States." The mission of Bryn Mawr's NAACP College Chapter is to inform the Tri-College community of the problems affecting racial and ethnic minorities, advance the economic, educational, social and political affairs of these groups, and develop "an intelligent, militant and effective youth leadership." By making hidden inequalities and prejudices visible, Bryn Mawr’s NAACP College Chapter hopes to raise more awareness of issues of race and transform the way we act both within and outside of our college communities.

  • QDG: Queer Discussion Group

    QDG is a safe, confidential meeting place for students who are queer and/or questioning their gender/sexuality. QDG is a great opportunity to meet other LGBTQ students, hang out and have fun, and discuss queer issues. If you’re interested in joining QDG or even if you just want to chat, shoot us an email at any of the addresses listed to the right!

    QDG meets once a week at an undisclosed place and time. We generally have a topic for each meeting. Each topic relates in some way to the lives of queer, gender queer, and questioning students at Haverford. Some examples include: coming out at Haverford, queer culture, discrimination, and dating.

    We keep things informal and fun, but maintain a confidential "safe space". Safe space, for those of us unfamiliar with the term, is a space free of judgement or criticism, where people are free to express themselves without fear of harassment.

  • QuaC

    The mission of "QuaC" is to support interest in Quakerism, coordinate Quaker activities, and nurture Quaker community. We seek to create an environment that is welcoming to Quakers and non-Quakers alike and that values participation at all levels. We aim to nurture each other and, as a spiritual community, we will answer one another’s calls for support. We strive to encourage the formation of a deeper Quaker community on campus, while maintaining present activities and allowing for the development of new endeavors. We will promote fellowship, communication, community building, service, and representations of faith among Quakers on campus.


    REACH aims to bring together a diverse group of students to discuss complex issues of culture. The goal of these discussions is not to change a participant’s position, but to encourage him or her to consider the implications of differing beliefs, and to appreciate the complexity of others’ views.

    In order to respond to the breadth of diversity encompassed by the individuals at Haverford, REACH seeks to address a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and socio-economic class; and to explore the intersections between these topics. As a result, we hope to create a space that acknowledges and welcomes people of multiple and overlapping affinities.

  • SAGA: Sexuality and Gender Alliance

    Haverford's Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is a safe space for all community members to discuss important topics concerning people of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, pansexual, intersex, asexual, and genderqueer identities, and other gender and sexual minorities (LGBTQ for short). We also participate in activism and support one another in a safe space.

    Whether you're a Haverford (or Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore) student, a member of the faculty, staff or administration, or a visitor, please feel welcome to attend our meetings, events and open lounge hours!

  • SAS: South Asian Society

    The South Asian Society is an association of students with origins from the Indian subcontinent. SAS strives to create a greater awareness of self-identity to the members of the club as well as increase awareness of the South Asian presence on campus. SAS consists of a diverse group of students who celebrate their own heritage and traditions but also participate in a broader scale of campus-wide and community events. By means of cultural discussions and events, SAS intends to create a space of comfort for students of South Asian descent to ensure their enjoyment and success at Haverford.

  • Simurgh

    Simurgh is a club for those interested in the (Classical and) Modern literature and films of the Middle East and Central and South Asia specifically concerned with texts-in-translation from Arabic, Persian, and Urdu poetry.

    We will be looking at media-in-translation from the canon of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu. We are drawn to the diversity and interconnectedness within these traditions and feel they have been neglected at Haverford and in the English-speaking world in general. We are tempted by the pregnant themes of love and war, mysticism and politics, the beloved and the colonizer, the lover and the ego, among countless others. Our meetings will also involve drinking Chai.

  • SOA: Sons of Africa

    Sons of Africa is an affinity group open to Black and Latino males.

    Our purpose is to provide academic,social, and emotional support to our members in the hopes of fostering a strong drive to achieve academic excellence and maturity as an individual.

  • Students for Justice in Palestine

    Our organization is committed to spreading awareness and sparking dialogue about an issue that largely goes undiscussed, namely the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We are a non-partisan group dedicated to shedding light on the humanitarian aspects of the Israeli occupation and debunking the political misconceptions associated with it. SJP does this by use of present and past media, more specifically op-eds from Israeli news sources, public documentary film screenings, guest speakers and cultural events.

    Our aim is to encourage discussion and debate that allow for different voices to be heard and respected. We believe that a liberal arts college such as Haverford is ideal for creating an environment in which different political views can come together and begin to cross barriers in an effort to promote change. We facilitate open dialogue beginning with the premise that there is truth to everyone’s narrative.

    Finally, part of our mission is to spread awareness about Palestinian culture. We want to begin speaking of Palestinians not just in terms of “victims” or “perpetrators” of violence and oppression, but also as a unique people with its own culture, heritage and history.

  • Taboo

    Taboo seeks to support those in the Tri-College community who identify with or are curious about BDSM, polyamory, and other non-traditional relationships. Whether it's your lifestyle, casual fun, or you're just curious, Taboo welcomes you. We provide information about maintaining healthy and safe relationships, as well as a supportive and accepting environment for those who are currently involved in any non-mainstream relationships, and those who are curious about the lifestyles. Taboo endorses the participation and education of everyone so long as they are open to new ideas and discussion.

  • WOC: Women of Color

    Women of Color serves as a support network and safe space for women who identify as persons of color. WoC will hold weekly meetings to discuss issues that affect the women of color community at large and host a number of events open to the community. As co-heads, Kayla and I hope that WoC can function as a space in which strong relationships are fostered beyond meeting times. In other words, we hope that members of WoC will be able to walk around campus, see familiar faces, and interact with one another. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.