The OMA supports start-up grants and funding for conferences that align with our mission.

Diversity Initiative Grants

The OMA offers up to 12 grants of up to $300 each semester that support individuals and organizations working to foster the cultural and intellectual diversity of the Haverford Community. We provide funding to seed projects and initiatives that expand and extend our collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities of creating a truly diverse community.

Deadlines: Based on a rolling and first come, first served basis


Ideas (previously funded)

  • A student and a Japanese professor wanted to teach students about Japanese cuisine and hosted a sushi-making workshop. The OMA funded them with the ingredients and utensils needed for the workshop.
  • As part of a multi-office funded event, ALAS received $300 of funding to go towards paying part of the performance fee for the Platanos and Collard Greens musical cast.
  • An Ex-Co student-teacher requested $300 for the purchase of a class set of comic books focused their own diverse interests and a "truer version of themselves." The class was able to showcase their lives through the comic world.

Conference Funds

Funds to support Haverford community members who aim to expand their knowledge on issues of diversity. This includes but not limiting to regional and national avenues for social justice communities, or issues of diversity in education, or issues of identity. If you are going in a group with Haverford Students, please note that you each need to apply individually for OMA funding.

Deadlines: Based on a rolling and first come, first served basis


AMA Experiential Opportunity Grants

Each AMA has the option of receiving up to $100 from the OMA to support participation in an on-campus event or workshop or to arrange a trip off campus. This funding provides financial for AMAs to create an experiential educational opportunity that would broaden their customs group’s understanding of multiculturalism through an event or workshop that engages diversity-related issues. As an AMA, you can apply for the funding to support one project, or use the funds for a series of smaller projects for a total of up to $100; You can also collaborate with other AMAs on a project that will enable you to pool your funds.

Deadlines: On a rolling basis



  • Take a trip to the Asian Arts Initiative near Chinatown to attend an exhibit opening or a community open mike, followed by a discussion at a bubble tea cafe to draw out participants’ insights, ideas, and questions stemming from the event.
  • Attend an event at the William Way LGBT Community Center or hosted by SAGA on campus to explore issues ranging from the experiences of transgendered individuals to genderqueer identities to understanding how to become an ally.
  • Visit the Taller Puerto Riqueno's Visual Arts program to explore the cultural representations of Puerto Ricans by Latino artists. This can spark an exchange about the differences/similarities between mainstream representation of Puerto Ricans and the representations made by the artists , diversity of ethnic experiences in America, and reflections on the art in concern with their views on Puerto Rican culture.
  • Talk about the different Winter holidays like Eid, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Christmas (to name just a few) and learn how to prepare foods traditionally associated with these holidays as a means of understanding the religious significance of the holiday.