Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a free resource available to all Haverford students.

There are currently more than 80 peer tutors in 19 subject areas. During the 2013-2014 academic year, peer tutors provided over 1,500 hours of one-on-one peer tutoring.

Note: Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore students taking courses at Haverford are also eligible to receive free peer tutoring, but only for the Haverford course(s) in which they are enrolled.

Students taking courses at Bryn Mawr College should request a peer tutor here.

  • Before Requesting a Tutor
    • Take advantage of resources offered by your class: the professor’s office hours, TA sessions, or academic review centers, such as the Chemistry Question Center, the Biology Question Center, the Calculus Resource Center, and others.
    • If you are having difficulty with time management, note-taking, study strategies, or exam preparation, please schedule an individual consultation at the OAR or attend a workshop on any of these topics.
    • If you need help with a writing assignment, please schedule an appointment at the Writing Center.
    • Feel free to meet with your Dean or CAPS, especially if outside factors are affecting your academic progress.
  • Peer Tutoring Expectations
    • Peer tutors are available to help you identify your knowledge gaps and approach the course material more efficiently and effectively. They will not simply provide you with answers to problem sets or tell you how to do your homework.
    • Please come to tutoring sessions prepared! Bring your course materials (textbook, class notes, etc.) and any questions you have.
    • Please be respectful of your tutor’s time:
      • Arrive at the tutoring session on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the tutor will consider the session cancelled.
      • If you need to cancel a tutoring session, please notify the tutor at least 2 hours in advance.
      • If repeated cancellations or no-shows occur, your tutor may decide to discontinue tutoring with you, and you will be asked to meet with the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.
  • How to Request a Peer Tutor
    • Search the tutor database for tutors in the subject area of your choice.
    • Make an appointment with a tutor through the online scheduling system.
    • Peer tutoring sessions must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance.
    • If you still cannot find a peer tutor, please contact Nika Strzelecka at
Resources for Peer Tutors

Create/Access Your Peer Tutor Profile

  1. Peer Tutor Handbook
  2. Time Sheet
  3. Introductory Meeting Form
  4. Regular Meeting Form
  5. Preparation and Lesson Plan Components

Questions / Contact

For any questions about peer tutoring, please contact Nika Strzelecka at